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Corpus Linguistics and Sociolinguistics

A Study of Variation and Change in the Modal Systems of World Englishes


Beke Hansen

In Corpus Linguistics and Sociolinguistics, Beke Hansen analyses variation and change in the modal systems of three second-language varieties of English in Asia by taking a sociolinguistic approach to corpus data. Her study focuses on the modal and semi-modal verbs of strong obligation and necessity in Hong Kong English, Indian English, and Singapore English based on the relevant ICE component corpora. She adopts a typologically-informed perspective on variation in World Englishes by comparing the structures of the speakers’ first languages with the structures of the emergent varieties in the expression of epistemic modality. Beyond this, she analyses language change by constructing apparent-time scenarios to compensate for the lack of diachronic corpora in World Englishes.
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Jesu Weg – Unser Weg

Kommentierte Neuausgabe der „kleinen mystagogischen Christologie“

Josef Wohlmuth

Edited by Erwin Dirscherl, René Dausner and Florian Bruckmann

Ein christologischer Entwurf aus dem Dialog zwischen Dogmatik und Liturgie sowie zwischen Judentum und Christentum.
Christologie begründet die Rede von Jesus als dem Christus, d. h. dem Messias Gottes. Sie vertritt also einen theologischen Wahrheitsanspruch. Wird die Christologie jedoch nur von der Wahrheitsfrage bestimmt, kann sie leicht den lebendigen Zugang des Glaubens zur geheimnisvollen und unvergleichlichen Individualität Jesu verstellen. Dieser Gefahr begegnet der Autor durch eine mystagogische Christologie. Sie ist orientiert an den Hochfesten der erneuerten Römischen Liturgie. Der Autor führt zur Mystik dieses Festkreises hin und erschließt die Gestalt Jesu Christi in ihrer Heilsbedeutsamkeit.
25 Jahre nach dem Ersterscheinen wird dieser christologische Entwurf in erweiterter Form präsentiert.
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1 John, 2 John, 3 John

A Pentecostal Commentary


John Christopher Thomas

This commentary, written from a distinctively Pentecostal perspective is primarily for pastors, lay persons and Bible students. It is based upon the best scholarship, written in popular language, and communicates the meaning of the text with minimal technical distractions. The author offers a running exposition on the text and extended comments on matters of special significance for Pentecostals. He acknowledges and interacts with alternative interpretations of individual passages, and his commentary also provides periodic opportunities for reflection upon and personal response to the biblical text.
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Anne S. Troelstra

Anne Troelstra’s fine bibliography is an outstanding and ground-breaking work. He has provided the academic world with a long-needed bibliographical record of human endeavour in the field of the natural sciences.

The travel narratives listed here encompass all aspects of the natural world in every part of the globe, but are especially concerned with its fauna, flora and fossil remains. Such eyewitness accounts have always fascinated their readers, but they were never written solely for entertainment: fragmentary though they often are, these narratives of travel and exploration are of immense importance for our scientific understanding of life on earth, providing us with a window on an ever changing, and often vanishing, natural world. Without such records of the past we could not track, document or understand the significance of changes that are so important for the study of zoogeography.

With this book Troelstra gives us a superb overview of natural history travel narratives. The well over four thousand detailed entries, ranging over four centuries and all major western European languages, are drawn from a wide range of sources and include both printed books and periodical contributions. While no subject bibliography by a single author can attain absolute completeness, Troelstra’s work is comprehensive to a truly remarkable degree.

The entries are arranged alphabetically by author and chronologically, by the year of first publication, under the author’s name. A brief biography, with the scope and range of their work, is given for each author; every title is set in context, the contents – including illustrations – are described and all known editions and translations are cited. In addition, there is a geographical index that cross refers between authors and the regions visited, and a full list of the bibliographical and biographical sources used in compiling the bibliography.
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Mani's Pictures

The Didactic Images of the Manichaeans from Sasanian Mesopotamia to Uygur Central Asia and Tang-Ming China


Zsuzsanna Gulácsi

The founder of Manichaeism, Mani (216-274/277 CE), not only wrote down his teachings to prevent their adulteration, but also created a set of paintings—the Book of Pictures—to be used in the context of oral instruction. That pictorial handscroll and its later editions became canonical art for Mani's followers for a millennium afterwards. This richly illustrated study systematically explores the artistic culture of religious instruction of the Manichaeans based on textual and artistic evidence. It discusses the doctrinal themes (soteriology, prophetology, theology, and cosmology) depicted in Mani’s canonical pictures. Moreover, it identifies 10th-century fragments of canonical picture books, as well as select didactic images adapted to other, non-canonical art objects (murals, hanging scrolls, mortuary banners, and illuminated liturgical manuscripts) in Uygur Central Asia and Tang-Ming China.
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Salamanders of the Old World

The Salamanders of Europe, Asia and Northern Africa

Max Sparreboom

Salamanders of the Old World is a new in-depth reference work covering all the salamander species of Europe, Asia, and North Africa. A marvellous addition for the herp community that comes recommended for researchers, managers, conservationists, students, and salamander enthusiasts.

Salamanders of the Old World
• features information on biology and life history of salamanders
• includes over 150 species of Europe, Asia, and North Africa
• richly illustrated
• focuses on habitat, behaviour, and reproduction
• information on identification, eggs and larvae, and threats and species conservation
• distribution maps for all species
• an extensive reference list.

Published in cooperation between KNNV Publishing and Naturalis Biodiversity Centre (The Netherlands).
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Edited by Jean-Sébastien Rey

The relationships between Pauline literature and the Dead Sea scrolls have fascinated specialists ever since the latter were first discovered. Now that all the Qumran scrolls have been published, it is possible to see more clearly the amplitude and impact of this corpus on first century Judaism. This book offers some syntheses of the results obtained in the last decades, and also opens up new perspectives, by highlighting similarities and indicating possible relationships between these various writings within Mediterranean Judaism. In addition, the authors wish to show how certain traditions spread, evolve and are reconfigured in ancient Judaism as they meet new religious, cultural and social challenges.
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Himmlers Krieger

Joachim Peiper und die Waffen-SS in Krieg und Nachkriegszeit


Jens Westemeier

Joachim Peiper (1915-1976), Liebling Himmlers und 1938 bis 1941 sein Adjutant, war der idealtypische »Vorzeigeoffizier« der Waffen-SS, ein Exponent der Junkerschulgeneration, deren Angehörige in der zweiten Kriegshälfte als junge Kommandeure den rücksichtslosen Geist ihrer Trup-pe präg-ten. Nach 1945 wurde der hochdekorierte Regimentskommandeur der »Leibstandarte«, obwohl als Kriegsverbrecher überführt, zur Ikone aller Apologeten der Waffen-SS.
In seiner umfassenden Biographie, 2012 mit dem Werner-Hahlweg-Preis für Militärgeschichte ausgezeichnet, demontiert Jens Westemeier den Mythos Peiper und den der Waffen-SS. Und er tut noch mehr: Er zeigt, wie einflussreiche Kreise der jungen Bundesrepublik mit der NS-Vergangenheit umgingen. Erstmals wird klar, wie und warum der 1946 wegen des Massakers von Malmedy zum Tode Verurteilte zehn Jahre später zum geachteten Angestellten von Porsche avancieren konnte - mit Hilfe eines Netzwerks »alter Kame-raden« in Politik und Gesellschaft.
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Der Unterführer als Feldherr im Taschenformat

Theorie und Praxis der Auftragstaktik im deutschen Heer 1869 bis 1945


Marco Sigg

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Edited by Herman Selderhuis

This book reflects and comprises the latest in research on the history and theology of Reformed Orthodoxy (± 1550-1750) and is at the same time a work in progress, which makes this volume in the Companion series unique. The reason for this is not only the quality of the authors and the chapters they have produced, but also the fact that the study of Reformed Orthodoxy has in recent years taken an entirely new approach and has received renewed and spirited attention, whose results have so far not been brought together in one book. The renewed interest and reappraisal of this period in intellectual history is reflected in this work in which an international team of renowned scholars give an oversight of this fascinating period in intellectual history.

Contributors include Willem van Asselt, Aza Goudriaan, Irena Backus, Mark Beach, Christian Moser, Anton Vos, Tobias Sarx, Andreas Mühling, Carl Trueman, Graeme Murdock, Joel Beeke, Sebastian Rehnman, Scott Clark, John Fesko, Luca Baschera, Maarten Wisse, Hugo Meijer, Pieter Rouwendal, and John Witte.