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Edited by Ferenc Kiefer and Katalin Kiss

Hungarian syntax has played a vital, albeit much debated role in linguistic theory since the early 1980s. Volume 27 of "Syntax and Semantics" is the result of a project on Hungarian syntax launched in the early 1980s at the Research Institute for Linguistics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The volume illuminates relevant and insightful aspects of Hungarian syntax. It assumes the basic theoretical claims and the basic methodology of generative linguistic theory, and shows that descriptive grammar is best approached by posing theoretically interesting questions. It features comprehensive coverage of Hungarian syntax and presents a complete analysis of salient questions and theories. It offers new insights into Hungarian syntax and discusses the important role Hungarian syntax has played in linguistic theory throughout the past decade.


Edited by Tim Stowell and Eric Wehrli

Syntax and the Lexicon is a dynamic investigation into the role of the lexicon in syntactic theory. Twelve chapters, authored by leaders in syntactic theory, provide a detailed yet easily understandable analysis of differing views on the lexicon in the field. Lively debates pepper the volume with interactive dialogue, and volume editors Tim Stowell and Eric Wehrli provide an insightful overview and introduction to lexical theory. It presents an overview of the role of the lexicon in syntactic theory and debates between major practitioners in the field. It discusses the nature of argument and structure and debates the relation of argument nature to constituent structure and binding theory. It examines the role of NP-movement vs. lexical rules in accounting for alternations in grammatical functions.

Sense and Syntax in Vedic / Pāṇini-Veda (2 vols.)

Panels of the VIIth World Sanskrit Conference, Volume 4 and 5


Madhav M. Deshpande

Edited by Brereton and Jamison


Randall Hendrick

This volume, one of the few devoted to Celtic syntax, makes an important contribution to the description of Celtic, focusing on the ordering of major constituents, pronouns, inflection, compounding, and iode-switching. The articles also address current issues in linguistic theory so that Celticists and theoretical linguists alike find this book valuable.


Edited by Almerindo Ojeda and Geoffrey Huck


Edited by Edith Moravcsik and Jessica Wirth