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Editor: Geert Lernout
The electronic version of the European Joyce Studies series.

No other modernist writer in English has attracted more or broader international attention than James Joyce. Translations, adaptations, and imitations as well as works of criticism are being published in increasing numbers and frequency, and show a proliferating diversity of approaches and perspectives on the work, life, and influence of Joyce.
In view of the internationalism of Joyce studies, and the current dissemination of literary-critical pluralism, this peer-reviewed series hopes to offer a platform for specifically "European" perspectives on Joyce's works, their adaptations, annotation, and translation, studies in biography, the history of and current debates in Joyce criticism, Joyce's place in literary history, matters of influence and the transmission of ideas etc.
In calling this series "European" in the broadest sense, we aim at soliciting not only the submission of articles by European contributors, but more generally all essays and research focusing on issues of European concern such as language, nationality and culture, literary-historical movements, ideology, politics, and distribution, as well as literary-critical perspectives with European roots.

Authors are cordially invited to submit proposals and/or full manuscripts to the publisher at BRILL, Masja Horn.

The series published an average of one volume per year over the last 5 years.
Intercultural Trade, Commercial Litigation, and Legal Pluralism
Series Editors: Wolfgang Kaiser and Guillaume Calafat
The book series Mediterranean Reconfigurations is devoted to the analyses of historical change in the Mediterranean over a long period (15th - 19th centuries), challenging totalizing narratives that “Westernize” Mediterranean history as having led naturally to European domination in the 19th and 20th centuries. In reality, the encounters of Muslim, Jewish, Armenian and Protestant merchants and sailors with legal customs and judicial practices different from their own gave rise to legal and cultural creativity throughout the Mediterranean. Through the prism of commercial litigation, the series thus offers a more accurate and deeper understanding of the practices of intercultural trade, in a context profoundly shaped by legal pluralism and multiple and overlapping spaces of jurisdiction. Comparative case studies offer empirically-based indicators for both regional and more general processes, here called "Mediterranean reconfigurations", e.g. the changing interplay and positioning of individual and institutional actors on different levels in a variety of commercial and legal contexts.
Erstmals widmet sich eine große Edition den Praktiken der Monarchie im 19. Jahrhundert. In internationaler Perspektive stellt das Quellenwerk in einer neuen Folge der traditionsreichen Acta Borussica bislang ungedruckte Aktenstücke für die Forschung zusammen. Die dritte Reihe veranschaulicht am preußischen Beispiel, welche Anpassungen die europäische Monarchie an eine Gesellschaft im Wandel vollzog. Wirksame Integrationsleistungen wie auch deren Grenzen werden greifbar. Die ersten Bände widmen sich Funktionen, Entscheidungsformen und Entscheidungsinstanzen des Hofes. Später stehen performative Praktiken am preußischen Hof, wie sie im Modus höfischer Konkurrenz auch durch kulturelle Transfers aus den europäischen Nachbarländern geformt wurden, sowie Strategien und Reaktionen der Monarchie auf den gesellschaftlichen Wandel im Blickpunkt.

For the first time, a large multi-volume edition work will reflect practices of the monarchy in the 19th century.
In international perspective, this edition of primary sources presents previously unpublished archival documents for further research. The Prussian example illustrates the strategies and reactions of European monarchies when they had to adapt to a changing society. Effective integration achievements as well as their limits become tangible. The first volumes are focusing on the different functions of court members, on deciders and the forms of decision making at the court. Other volumes will highlight e.g. the performative practices at the Prussian court as they were shaped in competition processes and by cultural transfer from neighboring European countries.
Volume Editors: Anja Bittner and Bärbel Holtz
Mit dem Quellenband werden der Forschung erstmals Schlüsseldokumente zur Amtsorganisation und zum Personal des preußischen Hofes im langen 19. Jahrhundert zur Verfügung gestellt.
Basierend auf den jüngeren Thesen zur „Neuerfindung der Monarchie“ und einer betont kultur- und sozialgeschichtlich ausgerichteten Hofforschung thematisiert der Band das preußische Beispiel. Unter dem Fokus von Wandel und Traditionalität sind die organisatorischen Grundlagen der Hohenzollernmonarchie auch in europäischer und globaler Perspektive dokumentiert. Neben den vielstufigen höfischen Verwaltungsstrukturen werden ebenso Facetten zum höheren wie niederen Hofpersonals offengelegt und Einblicke in die sich wandelnde Arbeits- und Lebenswelt am Hofe gewährt.
Author: Yuezhi Xiong
Translators: Lane J. Harris and Chun Mei
In this book, Xiong Yuezhi and a team of distinguished scholars bring together cutting-edge research on the urban history of Shanghai and the diversity of its distinctive culture. Occupying an interstitial space between Chinese and foreign power, Shanghai from the mid-nineteenth to the mid-twentieth century experienced almost unimaginably complex developments in its political, social, economic, and cultural history. To untangle this complexity, Xiong and his team have carefully constructed, in thematic and chronological fashion, the interactions between the imperialist powers, foreign settlers, and the Chinese community of Shanghai from the origins of the racially-segregated International Settlement in the 1840s to the internment of foreign settlers in Shanghai during World War II in the 1940s.
Author: Peer Vries
In this book Peer Vries is the first scholar to provide an extensive test of the claim that industrialization in East Asia, in particular in Japan between the Meiji Restoration and World War Two, would have been much more labour intensive than industrialization in the West. He does this by systematically comparing the role and importance of labour and capital in Japan and in a number of Western countries at a similar stage of their industrial development. He uses macro-economic data as well as specific observations by people at the time. It turns out that there is no reason to distinguish a specific labour-intensive Japanese route of industrialization. His comparative analysis provides us with a better understanding of the logic of industrialization in both West and East.
Author: Andrew Burnett
Were the Dutch-Africans in southern Africa a brother nation to the Dutch or did they simply represent a lost colony? Connecting primary sources in Dutch and Afrikaans, this work tells the story of the Dutch stamverwantschap (kinship) movement between 1847 and 1900. The white Dutch-Africans were imagined to be the bridgehead to a broader Dutch identity – a ‘second Netherlands’ in the south. This study explores how the 19th century Dutch identified with and idealised a pastoral community operating within a racially segregated society on the edge of European civilisation. When the stamverwantschap dream collided with British military and economic power, the belief that race, language and religion could sustain a broader Dutch identity proved to be an illusion.
Diaspora, Empire, and Race
Series Editor: Catherine Ceniza Choy
This innovative book series explores the gendered nature of the Pacific World by focusing on three phenomena: Diaspora, Empire, and Race. It features how people have dispersed across the Pacific for trade, labor, migration, cultural exchange, and military engagement. These migrations rarely occur in gendered balanced ways, resulting in “bachelor” societies in the receiving country and “stranded” women in the sending country. At other times, female migrants have been in the forefront of migration. The Pacific has also been the site of multiple empires – Asian, European, and American. These colonial powers were invested in managing the gender and sexual relations among and between “natives” and “colonizers.” Finally, the phenomenon of migration and political expansion coincided with racializing processes that established social hierarchies based on naturalized assumptions of biological difference. Here again, gender was essential to these efforts. Gendering the Trans-Pacific World seeks scholarship that offers original approaches to understanding these complex power relations. It welcomes social and cultural history and biography as well as interdisciplinary works that examine art, photography, film, and literature.

Manuscripts should be at least 90,000 words in length (including footnotes and bibliography). Manuscripts may also include illustrations and other visual material. The editors will consider proposals for original monographs, edited collections, translations, and critical primary source editions.

Authors are cordially invited to submit proposals and/or full manuscripts by email to the publisher Jason Prevost. Please direct all other correspondence to Associate Editor Debbie de Wit.

*A paperback edition of select titles in the series, for individual purchase only, will be released approximately 12 months after publication of the hardcover edition.

Aufzeichnungen aus dem besetzten Polen. Aus dem Polnischen von Lothar Quinkenstein
Author: Kazimierz Wyka
Mit „Leben als ob“ hat Kazimierz Wyka aus eigenem Erleben einen Schlüsseltext über die Erfahrung deutscher Fremdherrschaft im Zweiten Weltkrieg verfasst.
Wyka schrieb während des Krieges und kurz danach Skizzen über das Leben unter der deutschen Besatzung: über die Reaktion der polnischen Gesellschaft auf die Niederlage 1939, den Umgang mit Ausbeutung, Unterdrückung, sozialer Degradierung und Einschüchterung, über die allgegenwärtige Korruption und Bestechung im „Generalgouvernement“. Die scharfe Beobachtungsgabe Wykas und sein Ton voller Tragik, aber auch Ironie und Spott haben das Buch in Polen zum Klassiker werden lassen. Er liegt nun in meisterhafter Übersetzung erstmals auf Deutsch vor. Der renommierte polnische Historiker Jerzy Kochanowski erschließt das Werk in seiner Einleitung dem deutschsprachigen Lesepublikum.
Volume Editors: Nicole Priesching and Georg Pahlke
Die bewegte Biographie des Paderborner Erzbischofs Lorenz Kardinal Jaeger (1892–1975) wird unter Verwendung seines neu erschlossenen Nachlasses in einem interdisziplinären Forschungsprojekt anhand von Themenschwerpunkten erarbeitet.
Im Mittelpunkt des 4. Bandes steht Jaegers Wirken in verschiedenen Bereichen der Seelsorge in seiner über 30-jährigen Amtszeit. Den Erzbischof forderten in der Nachkriegszeit materielle Not in seinem Bistum und bei den heimatvertriebenen Katholiken aus den deutschen Ostgebieten heraus, er wurde aber auch mit seelischer Not von Priestern und Laien konfrontiert, nicht zuletzt in bis heute nachwirkenden Missbrauchsfällen. Einer überwiegend positiven Einstellungen gegenüber Ordensgemeinschaften und Sorge um den Priester- und Ordensnachwuchs stand bei ihm eine eher ambivalente Haltungen zu geistlichen Gruppen, Laien im pastoralen Dienst, zum Laienengagement und zu kirchlicher Bildungsarbeit gegenüber.