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Medieval and Early Modern Philosophy and Science is a book series to be dedicated totally to the investigation of scientific thought between 1200 and 1700, the period that saw the birth of modern scientific method and the origins of the scientific world view. It covers not only the Aristotelian paradigm of scholastic natural philosophy, but also rivalling Renaissance and seventeenth-century conceptions of physics.
A broad-based and distinguished panel of editors and international advisors has made a careful selection of the best new research emerging in a vibrant field examining this formative period of European scientific thought. Medieval and Early Modern Philosophy and Science contains contributions from an international cast of experienced and promising scholars and looks for the highest standards of scholarship in work that is thought-provoking, insightful, and at the forefront of contemporary discussion.
Its editorial stance is broad, aiming not only to embrace all the main aspects of study but to approach them from a variety of angles and to foster new methodological ideas. Medieval and Early Modern Philosophy and Science thus includes commented editions of crucial (medieval) texts, monographs of important thinkers, and diachronic analyses of particular themes. Accessible, attractively written articles and monographs will open up the latest trends and developments in the field to a wide range of teachers and students in further and higher education.

Sponsored by the prestigious Center for Medieval and Renaissance Natural Philosophy at the Radboud University (Nijmegen) Medieval and Early Modern Philosophy and Science is essential reading for anyone studying intellectual history, the history of science, and the history of philosophy.

Medieval and Early Modern Philosophy and Science is a continuation of Medieval and Early Modern Science (MEMS).

Authors are cordially invited to submit proposals and/or full manuscripts by email to the publisher Stefan Einarson or to one of the series editors: C.H. Lüthy, Radboud University, Nijmegen, or P.J.J.M. Bakker, Radboud University, Nijmegen.
For information on how to submit a book proposal, please consult the Brill Author Guide.
Texts and Studies in Western Esotericism
Aries Book Series: Texts and Studies in Western Esotericism is the first professional academic book series specifically devoted to a long-neglected but now rapidly developing domain of research in the humanities, usually referred to as “Western Esotericism”. This field covers a variety of “alternative” currents in western religious history, including so-called “hermetic philosophy” and related currents in the early modern period; alchemy, paracelsianism and rosicrucianism; Jewish and Christian kabbalah and its later developments; theosophical and illuminist currents; and various occultist and related developments during the 19th and 20th centuries, up to and including popular contemporary currents such as the New Age movement.

Published under the auspices of the European Society for the Study of Western Esotericism (ESSWE).

For the journal Aries - Journal for the Study of Western Esotericism please click here.

The series has published an average of two volumes per year over the last five years.
Histories and Addresses of Philosophical Societies preserves the presidential and other major addresses of philosophical societies. The intellectual and biographical contexts of the documents are provided so that the volumes contribute to the vitality and continuity of thought as well as to its history.
Histories and Addresses of Philosophical Societies is a special series in the Value Inquiry Book Series.
Histories and Addresses of Philosophical Societies is co-sponsored by the Conference of Philosophical Societies.
Karaite Judaism emerged in the 9th century—an exciting and challenging new stream of medieval Jewish identity and thought which challenged the notions of traditional rabbinic Judaism by rejecting, on the one hand, the sanctified tradition of Jewish oral law and the authority of the ancient Rabbis, while on the other hand re-centering on the text of Hebrew Bible as the sole source of Jewish religion. This Brill subseries, entitled Karaite Texts and Studies, edited by Meira Polliack (Tel-Aviv University) and Michael G. Wechsler (Moody Bible Institute, Chicago) serves as a locus of investigation into medieval Karaism, based on the testimony of its extensive written remains. The recent efflorescence of scholarship on Karaism has provided the impetus for the establishment of the Karaite Texts and Studies series which appears in association with Études sur le judaïsme medieval. The series focuses on the “Golden Age” of Karaism in the Near East (the 10th through 12th centuries) and it covers all genres of Karaite literature, written in Hebrew, Judaeo-Arabic, or other languages.
Series Editors: Hans W. Blom, Henri Krop, Wijnand W. Mijnhardt and Siep Stuurman
The present series aims at a multidimensional approach to the problem of the relationship between intellect and political power, i.e. it aims at collecting contributions from various disciplines such as philosophy, history, literary studies, theology, but natural science and legal studies as well. In particular it invites an intercultural approach and thus try to contribute to mutual understanding of different cultural traditions in a world shaped by globalization and thus aims, by reflecting on our historical and cultural roots, to give a not purely eurocentric meaning to the latter term.

The series published three volumes over the last 5 years.
The series Universal Justice is dedicated to the advancement of justice conceived globally. It publishes interpretations of the history of thought as well as original monographs and collective volumes, including work related to activities of the International Society for Universal Dialogue.
Universal Justice is a special series in the Value Inquiry Book Series.
Universal Justice is co-sponsored by the International Society for Universal Dialogue.
25 Books from Leiden That Changed the World
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