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Perspectives contemporaines sur l’agentivité et le sujet
Volume Editor:
Phénoménologie de l'action présente d’une manière très originale certains des différents aspects débattus aujourd’hui dans la philosophie de l’action. Grâce au renouvellement au sein de la philosophie de l’esprit concernant la connaissance en première personne, l’analyse de la relation entre le sujet et ses actions a connu un net regain d’intérêt ces dernières années. En mobilisant à la fois la tradition anglo-américaine et la tradition européenne, l’ouvrage se focalise davantage sur la question du moi et sur celle de l’agentivité (agency). La possibilité d’un dialogue entre ces deux traditions concernant la théorie de l’action en phénoménologie constitue l’originalité du volume.

Phénoménologie de l’action presents in a very innovative way some of the different aspects debated today in the philosophy of action. Thanks to the renewal within the philosophy of mind concerning first-person knowledge, the analysis of the relation between the self and its actions has undergone a revival in recent years. Drawing from both the Anglo-American and the European tradition, this book focuses mainly on the relation between self and agency. The possibility of a dialogue between these two traditions concerning the theory of action from a phenomenological standpoint constitutes the originality of this volume.
African American Philosophy is now soliciting manuscripts in all areas of African-American and Africana philosophy and on emerging paradigms within these traditions. These may be monographs or collective volumes. Monographs on Joyce Mitchell Cook, Angela Davis, Roy D. Morrison, William R. Jones, Martin Luther King Jr., and others are welcome.
Studies investigating issues central to African American Philosophy and Africana Philosophy in general are also sought, as are studies that link African American Philosophy to other philosophic traditions and concerns.

The editors are particularly interested in monographs or collected works on the following:
- The Ecological Crises and the Future of the Human Species: Africana perspectives
- African American Philosophical Theology
- Africana Philosophy in the Americas – including Afro/Latina Philosophy
- Africana Philosophical Perspectives on Science and Religion.

African American Philosophy is a special series in the Value Inquiry Book Series.
Central European Value Studies is a pluralistic project that makes available to the English-speaking world books in all areas of value inquiry that originate in Central Europe or that deal with its major philosophical traditions.

Central European Value Studies is co-sponsored by:
• the Philosophy Seminar of the University of Mainz;
• the Centre for Cultural Research, Aarhus University; and
• the International Academy of Philosophy of the Principality of Liechtenstein

Cognitive Science provides an original corpus of scholarly work that makes explicit the import of cognitive-science research for philosophical analysis. Topics include the nature, structure, and justification of knowledge, cognitive architectures and development, brain-mind theories, and consciousness.
Cognitive Science is a special series in the Value Inquiry Book Series.
The series has been discontinued.

Contemporary Whitehead Studies solicits manuscripts from scholars with contemporary and innovative approaches to Whitehead studies, that is, Whitehead’s philosophy and Whitehead's text (as a whole), by giving special focus to projects that:
• explore the connections between Whitehead and contemporary Continental philosophy, especially sources, like Heidegger, or contemporary streams like poststructuralism,
• reconnect Whitehead to pragmatism, analytical philosophy and philosophy of language, as a matter of source and recourse for an understanding of the tradition out of which Whitehead formulated his philosophic concepts or as a matter of engagement in areas that has excluded Whitehead,
• explore creative East/West dialogues facilitated by Whitehead’s work,
• explore the interconnections of the mathematician with the philosopher and the contemporary importance of these part of Whitehead's work for the dialogue between sciences and humanities,
• reconnect Whitehead to the wider field of philosophy, the humanities, the sciences and academic research with Whitehead's pluralistic impulses in the context of a pluralistic world,
• address Whitehead’s philosophy (and, per example, of philosophy per se) in the midst of contemporary problems facing humanity, such as climate change, war & peace, race, and the future development of civilization.
Contemporary Whitehead Studies is a special series in the Value Inquiry Book Series.
Contemporary Whitehead Studies is affiliated with the Whitehead Research Project.
Series Editor:
This peer-reviewed series publishes volumes on the tradition of German Idealism in the broad sense. It is not only oriented to critical studies on the works of authors who belong to this tradition, but also to the later influence of these works. This means that the series pays attention both to the history of the reception of German Idealism, and to studies that provide in the systematic development of central themes that are formulated by this tradition.
The series has been discontinued.

Daisaku Ikeda Studies investigates the full range of philosophical thought of Daisaku Ikeda, philosopher, poet, photographer, peace advocate, and founder of educational and cultural centers around the world.
Daisaku Ikeda Studies is a special series in the Value Inquiry Book Series.
Schriften zur Philosophie und ihrer Problemgeschichte
Herausgegeben von Rudolph Berlinger†, Wiebke Schrader† Martina Scherbel und Leonhard G. Richter

The series published one volume over the last 5 years.
Beiträge zur Geschichte und Systematik der Transzendentalphilosophie
As of Volume 50 (2021) Fichte Studien will be continued as a journal at

Fichte-Studien aims to promote the work of Johann Gottlieb Fichte. It discusses his transcendental ideas and system design philosophy. The historical conditions and controversies of Fichte's work are brought to a deeper understanding as well as its consequences today.
Please have a look at the Supplement series as well.
Die Supplementa zu den Fichte-Studien präsentieren Forschungen zur Geschichte und Systematik der Transzendentalphilosophie. Es werden in diesem Rahmen umfangreichere Untersuchungen veröffentlicht, z.B. Monographien, Dissertationen und Habilitationsschriften, die dem Verständnis der Transzendentalphilosophie dienen oder ihre Erneuerung und Weiterentwicklung voranbringen können.

The Supplementa to the journal Fichte-Studien present research on the history and systematics of transcendental philosophy. In this context, more extensive studies are published, e.g. monographs, dissertations and habilitation theses, which serve the understanding of transcendental philosophy or can promote its renewal and further development.

Les Supplementa de la revue Fichte-Studien présentent des recherches sur l’histoire et la systématique de la philosophie transcendantale. Des études plus approfondies sous forme de monographies, de mémoires et de thèses d’habilitation par exemple, y sont publiées. Ces études contribuent à la compréhension de la philosophie transcendantale ou peuvent favoriser son renouvellement et son développement ultérieur.

Please see the main series Fichte-Studien as well, which was converted into a journal, Fichte Studien, in 2021.