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Literary and Cinematic Explorations of War, Inequality, and Migration
An important task for scholars of cultural studies and the humanities, as well as for artistic creators, is to refigure the frames and concepts by which the world as we know it is kept in place. Without these acts of refiguration, the future could only ever be more of the (violent) same. In close dialogue with literary and cinematic works and practices, the essays of this volume help refigure and rethink such pressing contemporary issues as migration, inequality, racism, post-coloniality, political violence and human-animal relations. A range of fresh perspectives are introduced, amounting to a call for intellectuals to remain critically engaged with the social and planetary.
Readings in Post/Colonial Literatures and Cultures in English
Active since 1990, Cross/Cultures covers the whole range of the colonial and post-colonial experience across the English-speaking world as well as the literatures and cultures of non-anglophone countries. The series accomodates both studies by single authors and edited critical collections.

The broad spectrum of Cross/Cultures can be illustrated by book topics as diverse as black South African autobiography, Kenyan settler writing, the African-Jamaican aesthetic, Australian and New Zealand poetry, Southeast Asian art after 1990, diasporic trauma in Caribbean writing and women’s fiction of the Sri Lankan diaspora. Cross/Cultures has also published monograph treatments of such writers as Chinua Achebe, J.M. Coetzee, Kate Grenville, Caryl Phillips, Raja Rao, Derek Walcott, and Patrick White.

Included in Cross/Cultures are collections of selected and revised papers from important conferences (ASNEL Papers = GAPS; ACLALS; EACLALS).
All book proposals and MSS undergo double blind peer review by experts in the field, after being admitted for consideration by the series editors, for whom open-mindedness and catholicity of interests are hallmark values as well as maintaining scholarly accuracy.

Authors are cordially invited to submit proposals to the publisher at BRILL, Christa Stevens.
An Interdisciplinary Series in Cultural History, Geography and Literature
Spatial Practices aims to publish new work in the study of spaces and places which have been appropriated for cultural meanings: symbolic landscapes and urban places which have specific cultural meanings that construct, maintain, and circulate myths of a unified national or regional culture and their histories, or whose visible ironies deconstruct those myths. Taking up the lessons of the new cultural geography, papers are invited which attempt to build bridges between the disciplines of cultural history, literary and cultural studies, and geography.
Spatial Practices will promote a new interdisciplinary kind of cultural history drawing on constructivist approaches to questions of culture and identity that insist that cultural “realities” are the effect of discourses; but also that cultural objects and their histories and geographies are read as texts, with formal and generic rules, tropes and topographies.

In this series only double-anonymous peer reviewed manuscripts will be published. Both collective volumes and monographs are welcome. Authors are cordially invited to submit proposals and/or full manuscripts to the publisher at BRILL, Iulia Ivana or Masja Horn
Please advise our Guidelines for a Book Proposal.
Transnational Perspectives on Premodern Literature in the Low Countries, 1200-1800
This volume explores the indispensability of a transnational perspective for the construction and writing of literary histories of the Low Countries from 1200- 1800. It looks at the role of mediators such as translators, printers, and editors, at characteristics of literary genres and the possibilities they offered for literary boundary crossing and adaptation, and at the role of regions and urban centers as multilingual hubs. This collection demonstrates the centrality of transnational perspectives for elucidating the complex inter-relationship between Netherlandic and European literary history. The Low Countries were a dynamic site for new literary production and transnational exchange that shaped and reshaped the intellectual landscape of premodern Europe.

Contributors include: Lia van Gemert, Lucas van der Deijl, Feike Dietz, Paul Wackers, David Napolitano, James A. Parente, Jr., Frank Willaert, Youri Desplenter, Bart Besamusca, Frans R.E. Blom, and Jan Bloemendal.
Contemporary Cinema centers upon screen productions since the turn of the millennium in order to chart the rapidly unfolding landscape of the moving image. The series tracks recent shifts in the world of cinema from a wide array of viewpoints: emerging movements, styles, and practices; new ways of thinking about cinema; as well as ongoing expansions of ‘the cinematic’ across the spheres of television, new media, and beyond. Titles devoted to such developments—in film culture, theory, reception, or industry—could cover a broad cross-section of cases or concentrate on a sole landmark film. Of special importance to the series are cinemas and phenomena that remain underseen and overlooked.

Proposals for single-authored monographs and edited volumes are equally welcome.

All submissions are subject to a double-anonymous peer-review process prior to publication.

Authors are cordially invited to submit proposals to the publisher at BRILL, Masja Horn.

Revue Annuelle Bilingue / An Annual Bilingual Review
Marcel Proust Aujourd’hui is an international bilingual review that wants to be a meetingplace for Proust scholars as well as for all those readers of the Recherche who desire to know how the research on his work is developing today. General issues alternate with issues on a specific subject.

Marcel Proust Aujourd’hui est une revue internationale bilingue qui veut être un forum aussi bien pour les spécialistes de l’oeuvre de Proust que pour tout lecteur désirant se renseigner sur l’évolution des recherches proustiennes. Des numéros généraux alternent avec des numéros orientés suivant une thématique spécifique.

Systematic and Historical Perspectives on Intermedial, Transmedial, and Multimodal Theory and Practice
The multidisciplinary series Studies in Intermediality comprises monographs and essay collections that explore dynamic relations between media, that is, complex processes of medial exchange, transformation, interaction, or interplay. The series highlights the fact that the field of Intermediality Studies has become increasingly variegated and that it advances overlapping, yet distinct theories of intermediality, transmediality, multimodality, and adaptation. These theories acknowledge an extensive range of relationships established among various media and investigate how more general conceptualizations of mediality emerge from ever-diversifying mediascapes, which incorporate media that have persisted for centuries as well as new formats (digital or otherwise) that continue to evolve.

The peer-reviewed volumes of Studies in Intermediality, which have been appearing since 2006, critically assess the internationally far-reaching and innovative scope of Intermediality Studies and related fields.

Authors are cordially invited to submit proposals and/or full manuscripts to the publisher at BRILL, Masja Horn.
All submissions are subject to a double-anonymous peer review process prior to publication.
An experiment with language. Is it an object cultivated in poetic laboratories where entry is locked for mere mortals? And what do language scholars think about it?

Specialists in language and literature studies interested in linguistic innovation and experimental poetry will find answers to these questions in Vladimir Feshchenko’s book. The study investigates various strategies of radical linguistic creativity in Russian and American experimental writing of the 20th century and explores cases of contemporary ‘language-oriented’ and ‘trans-language’ poetry. It is a comparative examination of two national avant-garde cultures, but also a juxtaposition of the relationships that Russian and American avant-garde poetics had with linguistic ideas of their times. The monograph may serve as a wonderful introduction to the entire field of ‘linguistic poetics of the avant-garde’.
To what extent does water constitute an archetypal element, producing moral values and prone to ambivalence? Myths abound with magical fountains, fertile rivers or deadly abysses. Water lends itself to rites of lustration or regenerative baptismal immersion. Circumnavigation has given rise to epic tales of conquest or exploration, populated by monsters and delights. The specificity of this volume is the knotting together of the iconic and the verbal, by renewing our trust in the exemplary regime of art, most capable of apprehending the unpredictable, the ephemeral, and the continuous. Against the backdrop of existential shipwrecks, water wars, the proliferation of microplastics, the scoriae of an unbridled productivity, a work like this one can raise awareness about the right to water, its beneficial virtues, and its inexhaustible imaginary.

Dans quelle mesure l’eau constitue-t-elle un élément archétypal, producteur de valeurs et enclin aux ambivalences ? Les mythes regorgent de fontaines magiques, de fleuves matriciels ou d’abysses mortifères. L’eau se prête à des rites de lustration ou d’immersion baptismale régénérante. La circumnavigation a engendré des récits épiques à visée conquérante ou humaniste, peuplés de monstres et de délices. Il s’agit ici d’établir un lien entre l’iconique et le verbal en renouvelant notre confiance dans le régime d’exemplarité de l’art, seul à même d’appréhender ce qui est imprévisible, éphémère et continu. Contre les naufrages existentiels, les guerres de l’eau, le pullulement des microplastiques, scories d’un productivisme effréné, un ouvrage comme celui-ci peut sensibiliser au droit à l’eau partagé, à ses vertus bienfaisantes et à son imaginaire inépuisable.
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