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The book is a collection of five significant articles that highlight Professor Baokui QU's research on the evolution of the eduational discipline in China, the classfication of educational sciences, and the metatheory of education. One of the features of his research on these topics is that he integrated the perspectives from scholars in many countries, and reflected critically on the past and future of education as a discipline.
Perspectives in Physical and Health Education
Volume Editor:
This book is tailored for those navigating the diverse landscapes of doctoral work in physical and health education. Delve into the doctoral journey as our expert authors unveil the challenges unique to the realm of physical and health education. From research methodologies to innovative pedagogical approaches, the authors offer insights into overcoming obstacles and thriving in the academic arena. Immerse yourself in the narratives of seasoned scholars who have walked the same path. Their stories of resilience, breakthroughs, and personal growth serve as sources of inspiration, providing you with practical advice and mentorship toward your academic pursuits.

Contributors are: Daniel W. Balderson, Joe Barrett, Stephen Berg, Heidi Jancer Ferreira, Colin G. Pennington, Simon Schaerz, Eishin Teraoka and William Walters.
Contemporary art must get inspiration from somewhere. In Tea, Automatons, and Time Machines, the subculture of Steampunk art is studied in relation to art history. Addressing three main topics within social and environmental justice, a comparison of art styles and creativity stems from an artist’s passion within popular culture.

Using arts-based research methods and personal introspection viewed through the lens of nostalgia, a unique perspective of art history studies comes to life. Nostalgia, being primarily a psychological study, is used as a lens to view art, culture, and memoir into a complete research project.

We live in a world in need of change. Historically, artists have provided a means for change through their work and the lives they choose to live. The vastness of art history provides plenty of room for inspiration and interpretation. In this study, the contemporary sub-culture of Steampunk looks nostalgically at Arts and Crafts, Art Nouveau, and Art Deco eras in a way that paves the way for social change and environmental preservation using fantasy, cos-play, and art to demonstrate needed changes. Through the art and culture of Steampunk, we explore areas that could use improvement in our modern world, and yet, they do tie in with similar occurrences of the past. We find that we’re not that different but with art and demonstration, we too, can make positive changes for our future.