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Subject coverage of the Human Rights / Humanitarian Law E-Book Package:

Human Rights – Refugee Law – Immigration Law – Health Law – Children’s Rights – Minority and Group Rights – Humanitarian Law – International Criminal Law

This e-book collection is part of the Brill | Nijhoff E-Book Package

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International Law and Human Rights
International Law and Human Rights E-Book Package
As a leading publisher in international law Martinus Nijhoff Publishers now introduces its E-Book Collections. The Nijhoff top quality book content becomes available on BrillOnline Books and Journals with all the advantages and features of digital publishing including 24/7 access, full text search, usage statistics, MARC records, etc. The e-books will be published as annual collections by copyright year in two broad subject categories: International Law and Human Rights/Humanitarian Law.

The International Law and Human Rights E-Book Package can be purchased as a whole, but is also divided into 2 subject categories International Law and Human Rights that are offered separately.
This Series is designed to shed light on current legal and political aspects of process and organization in the field of human rights.
This book explores a specific discursivity at work in international human rights law. It examines the ways in which the discourse on international human rights law constantly expands its domain while preserving its distinctiveness from general international law. It particularly exposes the oscillations between generalist and exceptionalist claims made in international human rights law for the sake of expanding its scope. Reviewing several contemporary controversies on international human rights law, it sheds lights on the possible drivers behind such expansionist discursivity.
Access over thirty years of jurisprudence, judgements and decisions online.

Now available electronically, the yearbook provides annual extracts of the principal jurisprudence of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and the Inter-American Court of Human Rights.

In 37 volumes, 78 fascicles, and over 72,000 pages with full-text search capability, the collection covers the decisions of the commission, in addition to the judgements and decisions of the court, from Volume 1 (1987) to Volume 36 (2022).

Typically published in multi-volume sets, the yearbook is partly published bilingually in English and Spanish, with some parts in either English or Spanish only.

The Yearbook is also available in print.
Conflict and the Legacy of Exclusion
This is the first work exploring the colonial roots, modern context, trajectory and legacy of the Shining Path insurgency in the region of Huancavelica, Peru, one of Peru’s most impoverished and Quechua-speaking regions. The use of terroristic violence to implement a revolutionary and exclusivist ideology was without precedent in Latin America, presaging later movements such as ISIS. Integrating interviews, testimonials, survey data and the vast primary and secondary literature on the insurgency, this work examines how Huancavelican communities experienced and continue to shoulder the consequences of an exterminatory conflict thirty years after the insurgency was largely, although not entirely, defeated.
This collection of chapters tracks and explains the impact of the nine core United Nations human rights treaties in 20 selected countries, four from each of the five UN regions. Researchers based in each of these countries were responsible for the chapters, in which they assess the influence of the treaties and treaty body recommendations on legislation, policies, court decisions and practices. By covering the 20 years between July 1999 and June 2019, this book updates a study done 20 years ago.