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Shaftesbury, Akenside, and the Discipline of the Imagination
Eighteenth-Century Stoic Poetics: Shaftesbury, Akenside, and the Discipline of the Imagination offers a fresh perspective on the eighteenth-century poetics of Lord Shaftesbury and Mark Akenside. This book traces the two authors’ debt to Roman Stoic spiritual exercises and early modern conceptions of the care of the self, which informs their view of the poetic imagination as a bundle of techniques designed to manage impressions, cultivate right images in the mind and rectify judgement. Alexandra Bacalu traces the roots of this articulation in early modern writings on the imagination, as well as in Restoration and Augustan debates on wit, exploring the fruitful tension between ideas of imaginative enthusiasm and imaginative regulation that it provokes.
In these innovative essays on poetry and capitalism, collected over the last fifteen years, Christopher Nealon shines a light on the upsurge of anticapitalist poetry since the turn of the century, and developing fresh ways of thinking about how capitalist society shapes the reading and the writing of all poetry, whatever its political orientation. Breaking from half a century of postmodernist readings of poetry, and bypassing the false divide between formalist and historicist criticism, these essays chart a path toward a new Marxist poetics.
Die Relationalität textueller Räumlichkeit
Der Band erkundet die Möglichkeiten t(r)opologischen Denkens und eröffnet damit ein neues Theorieparadigma für die Literaturwissenschaften und darüber hinaus.
Warum ist die Topologie in unserer globalisierten Kultur so zentral? Aus verschiedenen disziplinären Blickwinkeln und mit Fokus auf dem 20. Jahrhundert wird in diesem Band das Topologisch-Werden der Kultur untersucht und mit der sprachlich bedingten Tropologie in ein Verhältnis der reziproken Vermittlung gebracht. Gerade wegen ihrer tropologischen Verfasstheit und der Multiplizität möglicher interner wie externer Bezüge und Strukturierungsmöglichkeiten bieten literarische Texte ein besonderes Medium, um sich der topologischen Frage zu nähern: Wie kann man Relationen vor Elementen und Raum als Relationierung denken?
Global capitalism is effecting changes in human life as momentous as those that occurred during the Neolithic Revolution, the Axial Age (700-300 BC), and the modern era post-1500, when industrial capitalism, state power, and science reshaped the civilized world. The transformation is paradoxical, however. Science and technology ensure material progress but the market promotes cultural obsolescence and erodes belief in the Enlightenment ideals that inspired the quest for progress. In Western democracies, liberty and equality are proving irreconcilable, citizens becoming demoralized, fraternity fractured; meanwhile despotic Eurasian states are recycling old faiths and concocting neo-imperialist ideologies. These contradictions must be confronted if the cultural values that sustain civilized life are to be conserved.