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Economic Thought and Practice in Early China
Ancient Chinese economic thought has never been related to the evidence of economic practice. We know how state economies were supposed to be run in theory, but not the degree to which economic thought reflected everyday economic activity. Moreover, it is still not clear to what extent economic thought constituted a separate field of inquiry and was independent of fundamental cultural notions or political considerations. Finally, why was there so much more sustained interest in political economy in China than anywhere else? This book sets out to consider such questions through contextualised analyses of both received and newly excavated sources on economic thought and practice.

Contributors are Paul R. Goldin, Yohei Kakinuma, Maxim Korolkov, Elisa Levi Sabattini, Andrew Meyer, Yuri Pines, Christian Schwermann, Hans van Ess, and Robin D.S. Yates
By examining the life and thought of self-exiled Chinese intellectuals after 1949 by placing them in the context of the global Cold War, Kenneth Kai-chung Yung argues that Chinese intellectuals living in Hong Kong, Taiwan and overseas Chinese communities in the 1950s could not escape from the global anti-utopian Cold War currents. Each of them responded to such currents quite differently. Yung also examines different models of nation-building advocated by the émigré intellectuals and argues in his book that these émigré intellectuals inherited directly the multifaceted Chinese liberal tradition that was well developed in the Republican era (1911–1949). Contrary to existing literature that focus mostly on the New Confucians or the liberals, this study highlights that moderate socialists cannot be ignored as an important group of Chinese émigré intellectuals in the first two decades of the Cold War era. This book will inspire readers who are concerned about the prospects for democracy in contemporary China by painting a picture of the Chinese self-exiles’ experiences in the 1950s and 1960s.
Benjamin Bowen Carter as an Agent of Global Knowledge
Author: Man Shun Yeung
Benjamin Bowen Carter (1771-1831), one of the first Americans to speak and read Chinese, studied Chinese in Canton and advocated its use in diplomacy decades before America established a formal relationship with China. Drawing on rediscovered manuscripts, this book reconstructs Carter’s multilingual learning experience, reveals how he helped translate a diplomatic document into Chinese, describes his interactions with European sinologists, and traces his attempts to convince the US government and American academics of the practical and cultural value of Chinese studies. The cross-cultural perspective employed in this book emphasizes the reciprocal dynamics of Carter’s relationships with Chinese and European “others,” while Carter’s story itself forces a rewriting of the earliest years of US-China relations.
Editor: Stephen Rowley
European Perceptions of China and Perspectives on the Belt and Road Initiative is a collection of fourteen essays on the way China is perceived in Europe today. These perceptions – and they are multiple – are particularly important to the People’s Republic of China as the country grapples with its increasingly prominent role on the international stage, and equally important to Europe as it attempts to come to terms with the technological, social and economic advances of the Belt and Road Initiative.

The authors are, on the whole, senior academics specializing in such topics as International Relations and Security, Public Diplomacy, Media and Cultural Studies, and Philosophy and Religion from more than a dozen different European countries and are involved in various international projects focussed on Europe-China relations.
After piloting an emperor the age of a college student through China’s most drastic government reforms before the modern era, Wang Anshi retreated to his Halfway Hill villa at Nanjing, where in late middle age he became one of the Northern Song dynasty’s three or four most innovative poets.
He redirected the craft of composing high-stakes policy papers into lighter-than-air evocations of clear-eyed grief, sensuous Buddhism, and intricate reactions to rain on the river or donkey-riding up Bell Mountain. Acrimony over his redesigned government, which he lived just long enough to see totally dismantled, remains relevant to Chinese politics and economics. Published during his thousand-year jubilee, this first full English biography since 1937 draws on Wang’s essays, poems, and his vivid, seldom-explored throne-room diary.
Volume Editor: Keping Yu
Translator: Frances Chan
Series Editors: Martin Kern, Robert E. Hegel, and Manling Luo
Edited by Martin Kern, Princeton University, Robert E. Hegel, Washington University, St. Louis, and Manling Luo, Indiana University, Bloomington
The series "Studies in the History of Chinese Texts" provides a venue for scholarly monographs or edited volumes that focus on the formation and subsequent reception history of major works in the Chinese textual tradition. Works in the series can be devoted to a single text or to specific historical phenomena such as those of manuscript and print culture, the rise of particular genres of commentary, and the impact of cultural and social institutions on a text's transmission and reception.
The series encourages rigorous philological and historical scholarship that illuminates the history of specific texts in relation to socio-historical, material, and intellectual aspects of the Chinese written tradition. The scope of the series ranges from newly excavated manuscripts of pre-imperial China to questions of textual reception in the 20th century.

Chinese immigrants who settle in Russia’s Far East without formal instruction in the Russian language communicate with local Russians using Russian vocabulary. Each immigrant forms their language to communicate with Russians, not with family or other immigrants. The ‘single-generation languages’ that immigrants form are not replications or simplifications of Chinese or Russian. Grammatical systems formed by these speakers challenge some fundamental assumptions in early 21st-century linguistic theories. Grammatical systems of single-generation languages provide a unique window into how complex grammatical systems emerge, what are the first formal means of expression, and what are the first meanings expressed in grammatical systems. Given massive migrations in the contemporary world, single-generation languages are common, yet understudied, products of language contact.
This collection contains the electronic version of the following volumes published in this series: Volume 1 up to and including Volume 154 with the exclusion of Volume 3.
The electronic version of the Sinica Leidensia series.

China, the third largest country in the world and comprising one quarter of the world's population, is the oldest continuous civilisation surviving to the present day. Its political and economic influence, reaching well beyond Asia, has over the past decades grown at an astonishing pace, something which makes a thorough understanding of its history and mentality into one of the essential aims of contemporary scholarship.
Brill's renowned book series Sinica Leidensia, founded in 1931 and edited by an international board of sinologists, has over the decades steadily and reliably furthered knowledge on traditional, and therewith contemporary China. It deals with the full scope of China's rich history; political, social and economic, but also with China's religion, philosophy, science, literature, languages, technology et cetera. Chronologically the series covers the period from earliest historical times to the present day.
The series features monographs on substantial subjects, coherent collections of articles, text editions, and translations. Text editions are as a rule accompanied by a translation on facing pages; translations are fully annotated; the introductions to both text editions and translations include full evaluations of the text concerned. All volumes are in English