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A Study of the Evidence from Italy, North Africa and Palestine A.D. 285-700
Author: Sadi Maréchal
In this book Sadi Maréchal examines the survival, transformation and eventual decline of Roman public baths and bathing habits in Italy, North Africa and Palestine during Late Antiquity. Through the analysis of archaeological remains, ancient literature, inscriptions and papyri, the continued importance of bathhouses as social hubs within the urban fabric is demonstrated, thus radically altering common misconceptions of their decline through the rise of Christianity and elite seclusion. Persistent ideas about health and hygiene, as well as perpetuating ideas of civic self-esteem, drove people to build, restore and praise these focal points of daily life when other classical buildings were left to crumble.
Author: Alan Jones
Jones, A. An Eleventh-century Manual of Arabo-Byzantine Astronomy. 1987
O. Neugebauer has written an excellent commentary on the anonymous "Methods of Computing Various Astronomical Hypotheses". The present volume is intended to complement Neugebauer's commentary by supplying a critical edition and translation of the "Methods", along with notes that mostly concern textual problems and the identification of sources in Arabic astronomy, aspects of the work that are less exhaustively treated by Neugebauer.
CAB 3 (1987), 199 p. 22x30 cm. - 60.00 EURO, ISBN: 9050630146

Author: David Pingree
Author: David Pingree