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Examining Current Trends in the Global Healthcare Sector
This book provides an insight into research conducted by participants attending The Patient: Examining Realities: 5th Global Conference, held in Oxford, England, 14-16 September, 2016. These attendees and subsequent volume contributors include medical professionals and healthcare providers employed by reputable academic institutions, and who take a both scientific and practical interest in the healthcare industry and its practices. The book also includes discourses by academics with a more theoretical interest in health and the complex doctor-patient relationship. Research presented herein is both steeped in cultural traditions and reflective of new trends in certain countries across the globe. Theories, practices and trends highlighted in the book are ultimately universal in that they concern all of us on a global level.
Author: James Pickles
This book deals with the way that the auditory system processes acoustic signals. The current edition has been revised in all areas to reflect the progress that has been made since the 3rd edition. As well as dealing with the basic anatomy and physiology of all stages of the auditory system, the book relates basic physiological processes to the performance of the auditory system as a whole, in the perception of acoustic signals including speech. The chapter on sensorineural hearing loss not only describes the physiological and anatomical changes that are associated with hearing loss, but includes latest information on treatments including cochlear implants, and work being undertaken on stem cell and other cellular therapies for deafness. A reading scheme has been provided to guide readers to the section most appropriate for their interests. The book is written so that those entering auditory research from very little background in auditory neuroscience are able to understand the current research issues and the current research literature. It is also intended to be a source book and reference work for advanced undergraduates studying the special senses, and for clinicians in the specialty of Otorhinolaryngology.
Authors: Stuart Rosen and Peter Howell
Signals and Systems for Speech and Hearing (2nd edition) provides the reader with a thorough introduction to the concepts of signals and systems analysis that play a role in the speech and hearing sciences. Few equations are used, and an informal, friendly and informative style is maintained throughout. Because much of the story is told through figures, the authors have gone to great lengths to provide clear and truthful figures that show what the text says they do. It is hoped the reader will come away with a strong visual understanding of the concepts involved. This book can be used at many levels, from the student who hasn't heard of a spectrum before, to the experienced worker who has only a fuzzy understanding of the notion of an impulse response. The authors have tried to keep the underlying conceptual structure of signals and systems analysis explicit, in the hope that even some readers with advanced technical training might find clarification of the basic principles. Notable features include over 300 figures integrated closely with the text, all drawn specifically. Exercises are provided at the end of most chapters.
Author: James Pickles
This book deals with the way that the auditory system processes acoustic signals. Since the first edition appeared, rapid and exciting developments have been made in several areas which bear on this theme, most notably in the understanding of cochlear function, including cochlear mechanics, hair cell function and mechanisms of transduction. The sections of the book dealing with these areas have been completely rewritten. Every chapter has been completely revised in the light of developments in the field. A reading scheme has been provided to guide readers to the sections most appropriate for their interest. The book is written at a level suitable for undergraduates studying the special senses or as a basis for a range of more advanced studies.
Authors: Stuart Rosen and Peter Howell
This novel book introduces speech and hearing sciences students to the principles of "signal" and "system" analysis. Beginning with an examination of what signals and systems are, the book develops a thorough background from which many of the most important issues in speech and hearing can be tackled. It is the first dedicated text on this subject. It presents techniques for speech and hearing analysis and experiments; contains minimal mathematics in describing a highly technical field; and introductory text for students in speech, hearing and psychology.