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Ibn Wāḍiḥ Qui Dicitur al-Yaʿqūbī, Historiae Vol. 1
Author: M. Th. Houtsma
Abū al-ʿAbbās al-Yaʿqūbī was a Muslim imperial official and polymath of the third/ninth century. On the occasion of the publication of The Works of Ibn Wāḍiḥ al-Yaʿqūbī. An English translation, edited by Matthew S. Gordon, Chase F. Robinson, Everett K. Rowson, and Michael Fishbein (Leiden, 2017-2018), Brill is making the classic Arabic edition of al-Yaʿqūbī’s Taʾrīkh by M.Th. Houtsma (2 vols., 1883) available in paperback for the first time.

Volume 1 covers Pre-Islamic history, from Adam and Eve to the Patriarchs and Prophets of ancient Israel; Jesus and the Apostles; Assyria, Babylonia, and India; the Greek and Persian Empires; a variety of other regions including China and Ethiopia; and a section on the pre-Islamic Arabs. The current volume offers the Arabic text only. The English translation is found in vol. 2 of The Works of Ibn Wāḍiḥ al-Yaʿqūbī.
Editor: Petra Weber
In der ersten deutschen Übersetzung seit 140 Jahren liegt hier einer der berühmtesten Texte der Musikgeschichte erstmals in einer zuverlässigen und für die Praxis konzipierten zweisprachigen Ausgabe vor.
Die Musica Enchiriadis, entstanden in der zweiten Hälfte des 9. Jahrhunderts, tradiert die Theorie des europäischen Tonsystems, entwickelt eine der frühesten Tonschriften, schafft und erweitert die begrifflichen Grundlagen zur Beschreibung von Musik und entwickelt die früheste Form der abendländischen Mehrstimmigkeit. Daher ist es nicht zu viel gesagt, wenn man die Musica Enchiriadis als Grundlage sowohl der Musiktheorie als auch der Komposition in Europa bezeichnet.
editio altera stereotypa
First published in 1977, the Breviarium Urbis Romae Antiquae is a classic among the literary Rome guides for those who want to be guided by the classics on their walks through the Eternal City. It aims at providing the reader with a collection of texts giving the most important information on the building activities of the Roman aediles which can be drawn from Latin sources, covering a period of about eleven centuries. The texts have been arranged according to the division of Rome in fourteen regions and are grouped around a monument. This unique and charming booklet should be on the wish list of every classicist, archaeologist and art historian.
With an introduction and indexes by H. Vanhulst.
Author: Walter Chatton
Author: de Meyier
1. Introduction and alphabetical listing. 1. Religiöse Dichtung
Author: Szövérffy
Recensuit et cum apparatu critico et exegetico instruxit D.E. Hill
Author: Statius
Libri I-XV. Textus et commentarius. Naar de editie van D.E. Bosselaar in 7de druk uitgeg. door B.A. van Proosdij
Author: Ovidius
Text and commentary of Ovid's Metamorphoses - annotations and commentary in Dutch.