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Author: Peggy Sax
Key phrases: blended learning, insider knowledge, online pedagogy, narrative therapy, postmodern pedagogy, practitioners and consumers, practitioner-training, public practices, reflective practitioner, students’ voices, teaching congruently, teacher-practitioner, therapeutic letters, teaching therapeutic practice.
Author, Peggy Sax, PhD, is in independent practice in Middlebury, Vermont, USA, as a licensed psychologist, consultant, workshop presenter and university instructor. An enthusiastic teacher, Peggy feels privileged for opportunities to share powerful stories of learnings from over 30 years of work with families and their children, teens, adults, couples, communities and students of all ages.
Volume Editors: Vladimir B. Skorikov and Wendy Patton
In the past few years, many career theorists have noted the dearth of literature in the area of career development in childhood and adolescence. A growing need for integrating theory and research on the early stages of vocational development within a systemic, life-span developmental approach has been articulated. This volume, the first book dedicated to career development of children and adolescents, provides a broad and comprehensive overview of the current knowledge about the key career processes that take place in this age group. Each of the eighteen chapters represents an in-depth examination of a specific aspect of career development with a focus on integrating modern career theory and ongoing research and further developing theory-practice connections in understanding child and adolescent career behaviour. Twenty-six authors, leading experts from eight countries, provide a state-of-the-art summary of the current thinking in the field and outline directions for future empirical work and practice.
Volume Editors: Deborah Tidwell and Linda Fitzgerald
Self-study and Diversity is a book about self-study of teaching and teacher education with equity and access as focal issues of practice. Chapters in this book have a shared orientation to diversity grounded in the acknowledgement that educators have a responsibility to address equity and access issues inherent in teaching. To that end, individual chapters address such areas of diversity as race, ethnicity, gender, disability, and power, as well as broader areas of social justice, multiculturalism, and ways of knowing. Even though the focus in a chapter may be on one particular dimension of diversity, the dilemmas and responses of a teacher educator, elicited through self-study, can apply well beyond that immediate context. This broadens the appeal of the book beyond the self-study community and beyond specific issues of diversity, to people interested in teaching in general and in the process of improving practice. An additional strength of this book is the inclusion in each chapter of information regarding the use of particular strategies, both for self-study and for teaching for diversity. A separate index of these suggested research and teaching practices will direct the reader to specific chapters.