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München 1901. Nachdruck
This volume looks at battle speech in major Greek historians as well as the pictorial representations of Thermopylai.
Beiträge zum Verständnis der frühgriechischen Philosophie
Proceedings of the first international conference on the archaeology and history of the Black Sea
Fossey, J.M. & Smith, P.J. (Ed.) Antiquitates Proponticae, Circumponticae et Caucasicae II 1997
Proceedings of the First International Conference on the Archaeology and History of the Black Sea (McGill University, November 1994).
Contributors: R. Doneva, J.M. Fossey, G. Gauvin, D. Kacharava, L. Kamperídis, S.A. Krebs, V. Licheli, J. Morin, G. Tsetskhladze, K. Tuite.

MUMCAH 19 (1997), 190 p. + pocket map. 21x29 cm. - 66.00 EURO, ISBN: 9050634788

Proceedings of the First Montreal Conference on the Archaeology and History of the North East Peloponnesos (McGill University, November 1993)
Contributors: D. Baronowski, A. Foley, J.M. Fossey, G. Gauvin, R. Greenfield, J. Morin, P.J. Smith.

- Epigraphical Evidence for Irregularities in Festival Calendar. - Omitted Day: Epigraphical Evidence. - Literary Evidence for Omitted Day. - Lunar vs. Leap-Day Calendar. - Prytany Calendar. - The Athenian Prytany Calendar and Ekklesias. - Indices: Inscriptions, ancient authors, selected subjects
Art, History, and the Historiography of Judaism in Roman Antiquity explores the complex interplay between visual culture, texts, and their interpretations, arguing for an open-ended and self-aware approach to understanding Jewish culture from the first century CE through the rise of Islam. The essays assembled here range from the “thick description” of Josephus’s portrayal of Bezalel son of Uri as a Roman architect through the inscriptions of the Dura Europos synagogue, Jewish reflections on Caligula in color, the polychromy of the Jerusalem temple, new-old approaches to the zodiac, and to the Christian destruction of ancient synagogues. Taken together, these essays suggest a humane approach to the history of the Jews in an age of deep and long-lasting transitions—both in antiquity, and in our own time.

This book is also available in paperback.

"Taken as a whole, Fine’s book exhibits the value of bridging disciplines. The historiographical segments integrated throughout this volume offer
essential insights that will inform any student of Roman and late antiquity." Yael Wilfand, Hebrew University, Review of Biblical Literature, 2014.