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Editor-in-Chief: Cor Wagenaar
‘All history is world history’ – but the history of architecture and urbanism is not. It has been written from numerous biased perspectives: the history of the former colonies from that of Europe, the history of twentieth century architecture from that of modernism, the history of Central and Eastern Europe from that of the ‘West’ – and we could expand this list indefinitely. Supporting a historical approach with a historiographical angle, Brill Studies in Architectural and Urban History welcomes books that respect and restore the global dimension of architecture and urbanism, critically re-evaluate existing bodies of knowledge, and are the result of thorough research that are largely based on primary sources. The series has no geographical or temporal limitations – we’re happy to accommodate books on renaissance Italy as well as studies on South-African shanty towns, the main focus of the series being its international and critical approach.

The peer reviewed series accommodates English language scholarly monographs, collections of essays, conference proceedings, and works of reference.
The electronic version of the Culture and History of the Ancient Near East series.

Culture and History of the Ancient Near East has become a primary forum for studying all aspects of ancient Near Eastern civilizations. Across a chronological and geographical swath, it covers religion, history, language, literature, thought, science, art and visual culture, and architecture. The series demands high scholarly standards and innovative approaches. It publishes monographs and collected volumes in English, French, and German.
The electronic version of the Education and Society in the Middle Ages and Renaissance series.

This peer-reviewed series is designed to provide a forum for high-quality monographic and broader studies dealing with the structure, content and influence of educational institutions from late antiquity to the seventeenth century. It was established in response to the increased interest and revisionary perspectives that have in recent decades transformed the fields of university history, secondary and pre-university schooling, and literacy in medieval and early modern society. Building upon the content-orientated work in intellectual history and numerous histories of individual colleges and universities, recent work in the history of pre-modern education has focused on the interface, indeed interfaces, of learning and society: prosopographical analyses of students and masters, comparative approaches across time and place, studies of the social implications of education for secular and ecclesiastical government, the place of educational institutions in the creation of professional groups and elites, as well as their impact for society in general. It is expected that all these and related approaches will be used to shed light on the social context of which educational institutions are a fundamental part. The series, in short, seeks to present works that are concerned with the social history of learning in its widest sense.
Series Editors: Albert Franz and Alberto Bonchino
Die Reihe Franz von Baader, Ausgewählte Werke versammelt die repräsentativsten und aufschlussreichsten Schriften des katholischen Theologen, Natur- und Sozietätsphilosophen Franz von Baader (1765-1841) in vier Bänden. Diese Texte spiegeln Baaders Gedankenwelt in anschaulicher Weise wider. Insbesondere seine naturphilosophischen, ethischen, religiösen, metaphysischen sowie theosophischen Ansichten treten in ihnen besonders deutlich hervortreten.
Bis heute sind diese Schriften noch nicht in einer kritischen Ausgabe veröffentlicht worden. Die Reihe Franz von Baader, Ausgewählte Werke ist als Editio princeps die erste Ausgabe mit textkritischem Apparat, erklärenden Anmerkungen, Bibliographie, Personen- und Sachregister.
Die vierbändige Ausgabe wird insgesamt 28 chronologisch angeordnete und kommentierte Texte enthalten. Von besonderem Wert ist die kritische Kommentierung, die die einzelnen Textstellen erläutert und wissenschaftlich fundiert einleitet.
Die Herausgeber betreuen ebenfalls die neue Reihe Baaderiana, die die Ausgewählten Schriften mit Studien zu Baaders Werk und Wirken ergänzt. Somit wird die Lektüre von Baaders Texten durch die neuesten Erkenntnisse der Baader-Forschung vertieft und erhellt.
The electronic version of the Philosophy of History and Culture series.

Philosophy of History and Culture presents original works broadly concerned with philosophical treatments of the ideas of culture and history, culturally and historically embodied entities, and with interpretive strategies pertinent to their understanding. The series is aimed at readers interested in the philosophy of the arts, cross-cultural phenomena, and the interpretation of literary, historical, legal and religious texts.
Amsterdam Monographs in American Studies is a series devoted to the study of the history, culture and society of the United States. The Series specifically aims at publishing work in American Studies done by European scholars. It also seeks to bring a European dimension to American Studies, highlighting the United States either as an object of the European imagination or as a source of change in Europe, affecting it culturally, socially and politically.
The Amsterdam Studies in Classical Philology is a series of studies on Greek and Latin language and literature that are informed by modern literary and linguistic theories (e.g. functional grammar, discourse linguistics, narratology) and their interaction. This online collection includes works by prominent Dutch scholars such as Albert Rijksbaron and Harm Pinkster, representing the influential linguistically-informed "Amsterdam" approach to classical scholarship. The collection, containing both monographs and edited volumes, includes all 31 volumes of the Amsterdam Studies. As of volume 32, the series will be continued as The Language of Classical Literature.
Begründet von Cola Minis†

In Verbindung mit:
Elzbieta Adamczyk (Poznan)
Haraldr Bernharðsson (Reykjavík)
Elvira Glaser (Zürich)
Joseph Salmons (Madison, Wisconsin)
A.H. Touber (Riethoven)
Arjen Versloot (Amsterdam)

Herausgegeben von:
Guus Kroonen
Erika Langbroek
Arend Quak
Annelies Roeleveld

Anschrift der Redaktion für Beiträge und Besprechungsexemplare / Editor’s address for submission of articles and books for reviews:
Prof. Dr. A. Quak
Institute for Old Germanic Languages
University of Amsterdam
Spuistraat 134
The Netherlands
Email: Arend Quak

Hinweise zur Manuscriptgestaltung können bei der Redaktion angeforderd werden. / Please also apply to the editor for guidelines for articles and reviews.
Founded in 1972, this series welcomes publications that further develop the field of German-language literature(s) and cultural studies from 1700 onwards. This includes themed-anthologies and monographs offering state-of-the-art research, as well as critical editions, primary sources or collections.

Our mission remains to publish high quality research including new discussions of established authors, research on heretofore neglected masterpieces, as well as the consideration of German literary studies as a discipline both within and beyond the academy. Consequently, the series offers a venue for a variety of genres rediscovered in literature and cultural studies, including the study of the essay, literary biographies and periodicals. We also welcome studies in which German literature is treated in connection with other disciplines such as media studies, the fine arts, as well as the natural sciences.

All submissions are subject to a double blind peer review process prior to publication.

Authors are cordially invited to submit proposals and/or full manuscripts to the publisher at BRILL, Masja Horn.