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Brill's Companions to Late Antiquity and Medieval Studies Online is an expanding e-book collection of specially commissioned research companions covering the Byzantine and medieval periods. Peer reviewed and written by experts, these handbooks offer balanced accounts at an advanced level, along with an overview of the state of scholarship and a synthesis of debate, pointing the way for future research. Designed for students and scholars, the books explain what sources there are, what methodologies and approaches are appropriate in dealing with them, what issues arise and how they have been treated, and what room there is for disagreement. All volumes are in English.

“The Brill’s Companions to the Christian Tradition book series has made major contributions to the study of the history of Christianity for well over a decade now, presenting cutting-edge scholarship on a host of significant figures and movements over many centuries. This new e-book collection of Companions to Late Antiquity and Medieval Studies makes many of these valuable studies available to a wider audience and in a convenient format. It is a significant tool for scholars and students.”
Bernard McGinn, University of Chicago

“It is very helpful to have this scholarly resource on Late Antique and Medieval Studies available on line. The range of the Companions’ topics, from individuals such as Gregory I or Joachim of Fiore, institutions such as the Hanseatic League, or textual categories and themes such as preaching and audience is impressive. Each volume offers an immensely useful series of articles which contrive to be both authoritative surveys and independent interpretations.”
Rosamond McKitterick, University of Cambridge

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An expanding e-book collection of carefully selected research companions to various key aspects of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies. Peer reviewed and written by experts, these handbooks offer balanced accounts at an advanced level, along with an overview of the state of scholarship and a synthesis of debate, pointing the way for future research. All volumes are in English.

Edited by David Horton Smith and Chao Guo

The nonprofit sector and civil society are emerging in many nations all over the world, with NGOs of various kinds (associations, agencies, foundations, social enterprises, and volunteer programs) proliferating rapidly. Academic scholarship is emerging or expanding globally even faster than the underlying nonprofit sector itself. A new label for this interdisciplinary field is Voluntaristics, which refers to Nonprofit Sector and Voluntary Action Research, including studies of the kinds of groups noted above but also individual volunteering, both formal and informal.

The books of the Series focus on all aspects of Voluntaristics as an international and interdisciplinary field and as an emerging academic discipline. Included are chapters on topics such as the nonprofit sector, voluntary sector, third sector, civil society (sector), social economy, solidarity economy, social enterprise, social entrepreneurship, social investment, solidarity, philanthropy, giving, grants economy, foundations, volunteering (both formal and informal), civic engagement, community engagement, engagement, citizen participation, participation, nonprofit, not-for-profit, nonprofit organizations (NPOs), nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), voluntary associations, associations, sodalities, self-help groups, mutual aid groups, support groups, interest groups, pressure groups, cooperatives, nonprofit agencies, civil liberties, democracy, democratization, social movements, social protest, and mobilization, among other topics. The Series includes English translations of scholarly works or collections of papers originally written in a language that is not English, aiming at bringing these important non-English materials available to English-speaking readers.

Another unique feature of the book series is that the umbrella/infrastructure organization, ICSERA, of which Series Co-Editor David Horton Smith is the founder and CEO/President, has sponsored the Book Series. Prof. Chao Guo of the University of Pennsylvania and Senior Vice-President of ICSERA is the Co-Editor of the Series. ICSERA ( refers to the International Council of Voluntarism, Civil Society, and Social Economy Researcher Associations, a nonprofit research organization based in the USA.
Studies in Polar Law publishes monographs and collected works devoted to the legal regimes applicable to the Arctic and the Antarctic. It explores the problems faced by these regions and the solutions proposed on issues such as the environment, sovereignty, dispute resolution, climate change, the rights of indigenous peoples, other human rights, good governance, wildlife, natural resources governance, law of the sea, land and resource claims in the Polar regions, self-determination and self-government, economic development, Arctic security, and the Arctic Council, the Antarctic treaty system and other relevant intergovernmental co-operation.

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Schöningh and Fink Early Modern and Modern History E-Books Online , is the electronic version of the book publication program of Verlag Ferdinand Schöningh and Wilhelm Fink Verlag in the field of Early Modern and Modern History.

Early Modern History, Modern History, Global History, History of Central and Eastern Europe, Atlantic History, Jewish History, Church History, Reformation History, History of Ideas, History of Science, Book History, History of Warfare

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Schöningh and Fink Literature and Cultural Studies E-Books Online, is the electronic version of the book publication program of Verlag Ferdinand Schöningh and Wilhelm Fink Verlag in the field of Literature and Cultural Studies.

English, German, French, Slavic, Italian, Dutch, Hispanic, Scandinavian, Baltic, Literature & Arts, Comparative Literature, World Literature, Translation Studies, Postmodernism, Postcolonial Studies

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Schöningh, Fink and mentis Religious Studies, Theology and Philosophy E-Books Online, is the electronic version of the book publication program of Verlag Ferdinand Schöningh, Wilhelm Fink Verlag and mentis Verlag in the field of Religious Studies, Theology and Philosophy.

Religious Studies, Theology, Philosophy, Christianity, History of Religion, Religion & Society, Missionary Studies

Edited by Jianfu Chen

After nearly four decades of reform, China is a transformed and yet a rapidly changing society. Along with the continuing economic changes, there is no dispute that China has witnessed tremendous transformations in the area of law.

This series aims to study the legal development in China from the historical and comparative perspectives. It seeks to bring together scholarly work that not only examines legal theories but also investigates how law is implemented and enforced in the Chinese society. It aims to become the series of choice for prospective authors of in-depth historica, theoretical studies as well as socio-legal and empirical studies on Chinese law.
The Open Jerusalem Book Series at Brill will be dedicated to discovering, revealing and connecting different archives and sources in order to investigate the ordinary, entangled history of a global city through the lens of the concept of urban citizenship ( citadinité). Citadinité is for a city what nationality is for a country and materializes itself in institutions, actors and practices. The project provides a bottom–up history of Jerusalem, a perspective that has been neglected by historians of the city, who have been generally preoccupied with ideological and geostrategic issues. This history is also a connected one because, within a complex documentary archipelago, the researchers seek points of contact revealing the exchanges, interactions, conflicts and, at times, hybridizations between different populations and traditions. The Series will go even beyond the chronological limits of the project. Its ambition is to cover Jerusalem’s history during the entire 19th and 20th centuries. The Series’ will publish important original monographs and translated texts, which will be the outcome of extensive research at the different archives of Jerusalem. These works will not be published only in the traditional print form but also in Open Access in order to comply with the ERC guidelines for dissemination of research results.