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The series Corpus Avesticum is designed to provide a forum for new editions of Avestan texts. It includes works by different authors on the transmission of the Avesta and editions of Avestan texts and their exegesis in Pahlavi and Sanskrit. The editions will be based on a fresh collation of the manuscripts available today and on a critical analysis of the manuscript tradition. Editions would vary according to the focus individual authors have chosen for their work.
The series comprises three types of works. The first type would be editions of the ritual Avesta. They provide the Avestan text of complete rituals together with a text-critical apparatus. The second type comprises editions of the Avestan, Pahlavi or Sanskrit versions of a text with translation, commentary and dictionary of that particular text. Depending on the size of the text, the edition would be either of a complete text, or of a constituent part of a larger text (such as, for example, part of the Yasna). The third type comprises analyses of the history and dependencies of the manuscripts.

Edited by Baruch Halpern and Theo van den Hout

The Near East has witnessed several of the world's earliest major civilizations and is the cradle of its three great monotheistic religions. These civilizations are part of the cultural heritage of large parts of world population today and their vestiges still impres man.
The Documenta et Monumenta Orientis Antiqui, founded in 1947 , are concerned with the sources for our knowledge of these civilizations, both written, art historical and monumental-important single documents or related groups of these, and archaeological sites.
Geographically the series covers the entire Near East, including Egypt and Iran, chronologically the entire period preceding the rise if Islam.
As far as the types of books included are concerned, the series publishes text editions, translations, reports of the excavations of important sites, monographs on substantial subjects, thematic collections of articles, and handbooks. The Volumes contribute to scholarly research. Their accessibility is enhanced by a proper organization of the contents and, wherever appropriate, by indexes. They include introductions placing the subjects in the context of pertinent developments of the time, and of current research.
Text editions are as a ruleaccompanied by a translation on facing pages; translations are fully annotated; the introductions to both text editions and translations include full evaluations of the text concerned.
The Volumes are in English, occasionally in German or French.