This series focuses on the manifold commercial, human, political-diplomatic and scientific interactions that took place across the continental (overland) and maritime Silk Routes. This includes exchanges of ideas, knowledge, religions, and the transfer of cultural traditions, including forms of migration. Geographically speaking the series covers networks (or routes) across the Eurasian continent, the broader Indian Ocean (from East Asia as far as Africa), and the Asia-Pacific world, that is, trans-Pacific connections from Asia to the American continent. A special interest lies in the history of science and technology and knowledge transfer along and across these routes. The series focuses particularly on historical topics but contemporary studies are also welcome.

Edited by Ronald Holzhacker

This series focuses on environmental and sustainable development in Southeast Asia and the wider Asia-Pacific region, where many scientific, governance, and societal questions emerge at the local, national, regional and global levels. Such questions call for research and publications with theoretical perspectives, as well as studies that provide rich empirical and comparative analysis originated from the region.

The volumes will explore the political ecology in the context of local, regional and global governance, either dealing with the interaction between global agreements and their implementation and the roles that multi-level institutions play in the decision-making process, or the engagement and impact of societal stakeholders, including NGOs, civil society organizations, and citizens, which are critical to the success of long-term sustainable development, thus very relevant to this series.

The series welcomes contributions from the social sciences, including political science, economics, geography, sociology, anthropology, development studies and law, as well as inter-disciplinary work with the natural sciences.

For more information concerning the series and the manuscript submission process, please contact series editor Ronald Holzhacker at or Brill acquisitions editor Chunyan Shu at

Various Authors & Editors

Brill's Companions to Asian Studies Online is an expanding e-book collection of specially commissioned research companions to various key aspects of Asian history, culture and religion. Almost all volumes are published in Brill’s prestigious series Handbook of Oriental Studies (HdO). Peer reviewed and written by experts, they offer balanced accounts at an advanced level, along with an overview of the state of scholarship and a synthesis of debate, pointing the way for future research. Designed for students and scholars, the books explain what sources there are, what methodologies and approaches are appropriate in dealing with them, what issues arise and how they have been treated, and what room there is for disagreement. All volumes are in English.

“In the fast-paced world of the twenty-first century the impressive and expanding list of titles in Brill's Companions to Asian Studies Online answers the need for students and researchers to gain immediate access to high-quality academic work. Overviewing the current state of research on a range of topics while opening up pathways for future inquiry, this e-book collection represents an invaluable reference tool and a unique contribution to the field of Asian Studies.”
Barbara Watson Andaya, University of Hawai‘i
Leonard Y. Andaya, University of Hawai‘i
This series combines persisting needs with emerging emphases in Armenian studies. It encourages studies that place Armenian culture in its multifaceted international context, on the Armenian plateau as well as in its historic and current Diaspora.
Philological studies containing important critically edited texts, translations and commentaries remain in need as before. Thousands of Armenian manuscripts await disclosure in order to become part of scholarly and popular discourse and take their place in a field that invites an interdisciplinary and pluralistic approach like few others.
Armenian literature from the seventeenth century up to the present is understudied and will amply repay scholarly engagement.
In recent decades, the study of Armenian material culture, mythology and folklore has made great strides, next to art and architecture.The series welcomes contributions in these extensive fields.
Armenian Texts and Studies deals with Armenian prehistory up to the modern and contemporary period and promotes research that applies methods current in sociology, anthropology and other social sciences next to those used in literary, linguistic and historical studies, including the study of Armenian cinema and modern media.
The volume Armenian Philology in the Modern Era: From Manuscript to Digital Text, published in 2014, was the first of a series sponsored by the International Association for Armenian Studies (Association Internationale des Études Arméniennes – AIEA), in the framework of the “Armenian Studies 2000” project. Launched at the turn of the 20th century, this AIEA project has two chief aims: 1) to present an in-depth state of the art in the main fields of Armenology; and 2) to indicate new perspectives and desiderata for further research.
The “Armenian Studies 2000” project is organized so as to produce seven volumes dedicated to the major fields of Armenian Studies, i.e. Philology, Linguistics, Literature, History (both Ancient and Medieval Eras as well as Modern and Contemporary Eras), Religious and Intellectual history, Art and Architecture.
With this scientific and editorial enterprise, the AIEA committee wishes to foster new methodological approaches and to promote new interest for Armenian Studies. It is our hope that these volumes will pave the way for new directions and new fields of research. As scholarly reference works, these volumes are addressed not only to the Armenological readership, but also to scholars and students from broader areas of the Oriental Studies.
Modern Asian Art and Visual Culture is an academic series devoted to the visual culture of Asia of the modern period, spanning roughly from the mid-1850s up to the present day. It includes monographs and edited volumes on art and architecture; art history; art worlds and markets; visual materials related to propaganda; religion and art and also extends to the performing arts, cinema and media studies. It also actively seeks interdisciplinary or theoretical approaches to religion, literature, and the social sciences as well as projects that address modern Asian art and visual culture from a comparative or interregional perspective.

The series has published an average of one volume per year since 2013.

China in the World

A Survey of Chinese Perspectives on International Politics and Economics

China has been committed to the reform in economic and political systems over the past three decades, which has resulted in tremendous transformations in the economy, society and politics in China. In this era of transformation, China’s relationship with the rest of the world is playing a critical role in shaping the directions for the economic development and political reform in China.
This series aims to gather the perspectives of top Chinese scholars on important issues of global economics and politics and make them available to English readers, so as to promote discussions and dialogues on the relationship between China and the world as well as the challenges and opportunities globalization has brought to each country and region. Each volume in this series includes important and influential articles of top Chinese scholars, selected from top quality journals and periodicals in the field. Scholars, policy makers and leaders who are interested in the economic and political development of China and its relationship with the world will find this series interesting and helpful.

The series has published an average of one volume per year since 2013.