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Critical Approaches to Early Christianity publishes monographs and volumes of collected essays by scholars that exemplify the application of theories and approaches that are novel, interdisciplinary, or that disrupt or expand traditional ways of viewing the literature and thought of the early Christian world and its settings.

Vigiliae Christianae Supplements Online

Texts and Studies of Early Christian Life and Language

Various Authors & Editors

Vigiliae Christianae Supplements Online contains the online archive collection of Brill's leading series on early Christianity. It comprises publishes scholarly translations, commentary and critical studies of texts and issues relating to early Christianity.

This collection contains 137 published titles, going back to volume one, up to and including all titles published in 2015. A new supplement will become available each year.
The series comprises volumes of ancient texts with translations and commentaries, individual monographs, thematic collections, as well as translations into English of noteworthy volumes in modern languages. It covers the Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox and Eastern Catholic traditions from the early through to the contemporary period. The series will make a valuable contribution to the field of Eastern Christian Studies by publishing research by scholars from a variety of disciplines and traditions.

The series published an average of 1,5 volumes per year over the last 5 years.

Edited by D. Jeffrey Bingham

The Bible in Ancient Christianity series examines how the Scriptures were interpreted in ancient Christianity, particularly as Scripture functioned in liturgy, in exposition, homilies, in art, in spirituality, and in social issues. The chronological parameters for the series are the first through the fifth centuries. Questions of how Scripture functions will include both, for example, how Augustine interpreted Romans, as well as how Romans was interpreted among various writers. The geographic and chronological breadth of the series means that Eastern as well as Western Christian authorities will be examined. Although the focus will be on widely accepted canonical texts (within these two traditions), the series will not restrict itself to only “orthodox” readings of the texts. Thus, the series might include manuscripts concerning the Gospel of Thomas; and the series might examine how so-called heterodox personalities (e.g., Montanists) used the Bible. Nonetheless the principle aim will be to look at how canonical texts functioned in ancient Christianity.

The series published an average of one volume per year over the last 5 years.
This series publishes the NT text as it is recoverable from the writings of the Greek Fathers. Only data from critical texts of the Fathers will be published. Each volume will include a full presentation (or critically reconstructed text) of the NT (or portions thereof) of a given Father or selected works of a given Father. Each study will also include an evaluation of the data, both in terms of its reliability and of the relationship of the Father’s text to known textual groups.


This series is no longer published by Brill

Die Echtheit der dritten Arianerrede steht seit einiger Zeit zur Debate. Der Verfasser versucht zu zeigen, dass kein Anlass besteht, an der Echtheit zu zweifeln, und benutzt diese Rede als Bezugsrahmen zur Darstellung der theologischen Gedankenwelt des Athanasius. Den in Migne abgedruckten Text verwendend bietet er eine Übersetzung und einen Kommentar, meistens zu jedem Satz, sonst zu Abschnitten. Die Studie schliesst mit einer kurzen Betrachtung zur theologischen Bedeutung der von Athanasius immer wieder vollzogenen Unterscheidung zwischen der Erzeugung und der Erschaffung.

Vigiliae Christianae, Supplements

Texts and Studies of Early Christian Life and Language

Edited by David Runia and Gerard Rouwhorst

Vigiliae Christianae Supplements publishes scholarly translations, commentary and critical studies of texts and issues relating to early Christianity.

The series published an average of 5,5 volumes per year over the last 5 years.

For more information on submission procedure and manuscript requirements, please visit the Instructions for Authors

Edited by Waszink and van Winden