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Edited by Luke Lavan

Contributions generally aim to present broad syntheses on topics relating to a specific theme, discussions of key issues, or try to provide summaries of relevant new fieldwork. The volumes address themes relating to the historical reconstruction of Mediterranean society, from the accession of Diocletian (AD 283) to approximately the middle of the 7th century.

Heritage and Identity

Issues in Cultural Heritage Protection

The growing number of critical developments that has taken place since Heritage and Identity was created in 2012 has turned the themes covered by this series into crucial issues that are discussed worldwide.
Not only has global cultural heritage been threatened by natural events, it has also been affected by the increasing cruelty of conflicts, criminal activities and geopolitical changes. As a consequence, the concept of Cultural Property Protection (CPP) is a growing issue for both society and the academy.
The series Heritage and Identity analyzes the complexity of this topic using multidisciplinary methods, including historical and archeological perspectives and aspects of international and criminal law and security, but also by taking anthropological, religious and economic matters into account.
Due to this interdisciplinary approach, the series is of great relevance not only for academics, but for anybody interested or involved with the protection of cultural heritage, from an intellectual and a practical point of view.

Edited by Luke Lavan

Late Antique Archaeology, an annual publication, contains papers which each year systematically address a chosen theme relating to the historical reconstruction of Mediterranean society, from the accession of Diocletian (AD 283) to approximately the middle of the 7th century.

*For Brill's peer review process see here.

Please note that volumes 9 to 12 were issued as journal publications, Late Antique Archaeology Journal. In addition, these four volumes were also published as separate books (volume 11 and 12 as one book):
- Field Methods and Post-Excavation Techniques in Late Antique Archaeology.
- Local Economies? Production and Exchange of Inland Regions in Late Antiquity.
- Environment and Society in the Long Late Antiquity (to be published in 2019).

From volume 13 onwards, the publications will be reinstituted as a book series, Late Antique Archaeology.

For monographs, please see Late Antique Archaeology: Supplementary Series.

Edited by G.R. Tsetskhladze

This series is no longer published by Brill

Ancient West & East is a peer-reviewed (bi-)annual devoted to the study of the history and archaeology of the periphery of the Graeco-Roman world, concentrating on local societies and cultures and their interaction with the Graeco-Roman, Near Eastern and early Byzantine worlds. The chronological and geographical scope is deliberately broad and comprehensive, ranging from the second millennium BC to Late Antiquity, and encompassing the whole ancient Mediterranean world and beyond, including ancient Central and Eastern Europe, the Black Sea region, Central Asia and the Near East.
Ancient West & East aims to bring forward high-calibre studies from a wide range of disciplines and to provide a forum for discussion and better understanding of the interface of the classical and barbarian world throughout the period.
Ancient West & East will reflect the thriving and fascinating developments in the study of the ancient world, bringing together Classical and Near Eastern Studies and Eastern and Western scholarship.
Each volume will consist of articles, notes and reviews. Libraries and scholars will appreciate to find so much new material easily accessible in one volume.

Colloquia Pontica

Series of Publications on the Archaeology and Ancient History of the Black Sea Area

This series aims to publish some of the huge wealth of archaeological material that is being discovered and studied around the shores of the Black Sea. Volumes will range from monographs on excavations and studies of objects to collections of papers and conference reports. The series is edited by Gocha Tsetskhladze with the assistance of advisory editors. This series is no longer published by Brill
Mnemosyne Supplements, History and Archaeology of Classical Antiquity is a series of monographs and edited volumes devoted to studies in Ancient History and the archaeology of the Classical period.

History and Archaeology of Classical Antiquity is published as a sub-series of the Mnemosyne Supplements bookseries.