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How have the historical experiences and legacies of the communist revolution before 1949 and socialism under Mao influenced the course of reform and development in China since the 1980s? And how do Chinese intellectuals reexamine the aspects and trajectories of socialism and reform in China and reinterpret the links and discontinuities between them? The Rethinking Socialism and Reform in China series presents the most innovative studies in English translation by leading Chinese scholars, which have been originally published by Open Times ( Kaifang shidai), one of the most influential journals in China that appeals to both academics and the general public. The planned volumes of the series cover a variety of themes ranging from the communist revolution, social control and mobilization, and everyday power relations in Maoist China, to economic change, governance and resistance, gender, ethnicity, and cultural issues in recent decades.
Historical Studies of Contemporary China is a collaboration between Brill and the Social Sciences Academic Press to bring the best of Chinese historical scholarship to English speaking readers. This series draws on articles from the journal Studies of Contemporary Chinese History 《当代中国史研究》 ( Dangdai Zhongguo shi yanjiu). Published by the Institute of Contemporary China at the China Academy of Social Sciences, this journal is the most important national publication in the history of China after 1949. Each volume of the series is arranged around themes such as agrarian, economic, diplomatic and gender history, and each features a scholarly introduction that discusses the significance of this work in light of political and intellectual changes. This series gives a detailed introduction to how Chinese academic historians understand their own country’s recent past. It will be of interest to the well informed general reader, as well as scholars and researchers in the relevant disciplines and areas of focus.


Volume 1: Comprehensive Overview
Volume 2: Agriculture
Volume 3 ( forthcoming): Medicine and Health
Volume 4 ( forthcoming): Family and Gender
( forthcoming): Urban Governance in the 1950s
( forthcoming): The Great Leap Forward
( forthcoming): Social Reorganization and Transformation
( forthcoming): Cultural History
( forthcoming): Economic Development
( forthcoming): Diplomacy