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Acta Collegii Historiae Urbanae

(Discontinued series)

Edited by van de Kieft and Niermeyer

Texts and chronologies illustrating the constitutional and administrative history of European towns through the middle of the thirteenth century.
Acta Conventus Neo-Latini is a peer-reviewed series offering a world-wide selection of articles on Neo-Latin language and literature (fiction as well as non-fiction), of relevance for all studies in Early Modern History. The contributions have been presented as papers at the conferences arranged every three years by the International Association for Neo-Latin Studies, and together they represent the current state of affairs in the discipline.

Acta Iranica

Encyclopédie permanente des études iraniennes

Edited by Haerinck

Scholarly studies of topics in the art, archaeology, ancient history and linguistics of the Iranian region.

Edited by Marylin Rhie

Advances in Creativity and Gifted Education is the first internationally established book series that focuses exclusively on the constructs of creativity and giftedness as pertaining to the psychology, philosophy, pedagogy and ecology of talent development across the milieus of family, school, institutions and society. Advances in Creativity and Gifted Education strives to synthesize both domain specific and domain general efforts at developing creativity, giftedness and talent. The books in the series are international in scope and include the efforts of researchers, clinicians and practitioners across the globe.