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Editor-in-Chief Abdulqawi A. Yusuf

Founded in 1993, the African Yearbook, now also published online is published under the auspices of the African Foundation for International Law. It is the only scholarly publication devoted exclusively to the study, development, dissemination and wider appreciation of international law in Africa as a whole.

Through the scholarly analysis of international legal issues of particular relevance to the African continent, it also contributes to the acceptance of, and respect for the rule of law in intra-African relations, and for the principles of international law in general. Its uniqueness however goes beyond this, for through its special themes and general articles, it has succeeded over the years to serve as an intellectual forum where the development of international law is viewed as being integral to Africa’s own development.

Through the study and analysis of emerging legal issues of particular relevance to Africa, such as the creation of viable continental institutions capable of promoting unity and security for the peoples of the continent, the effective protection of human rights, the need for accountability for mass killings and massive violations of the rule of law, the promotion of a rule-based democratic culture, the role of African countries in a globalizing world economy and in international trade relations, the Yearbook strives to be responsive to the intellectual needs of African countries in the area of international law, and to the continuing struggle for creating an environment conducive to the rule of law throughout the continent.

The Yearbook also provides ready access to the basic documents of African international organizations by regularly publishing the resolutions and decisions of regional and sub-regional organizations as well as the conventions, protocols and declarations adopted by pan-african agencies.

The Yearbook is also available in print. To learn more about the print version, please click here.

J. Hallebeek, D.G.M. Heirbaut, C.H. van Rhee, A.J.B. Sirks, L. Waelkens and A. Wijffels

Editorial-board Serge Dauchy and L.C. Winkel

The Legal History Review, inspired by E.M. Meijers, is a peer-reviewed journal and was founded in 1918 by a number of Dutch jurists, who set out to stimulate scholarly interest in legal history in their own country and also to provide a centre for international cooperation in the subject. This has gradually been achieved through the years. The Review had already become one of the leading internationally known periodicals in the field before 1940. Since 1950 when it emerged under Belgo-Dutch editorship its position strengthened. Much attention is paid not only to the common foundations of the western legal tradition but also to the special, frequently divergent development of national law in the various countries belonging to, or influenced by it. Modern and contemporary, as well as ancient and medieval history is considered. Roman law and its later development, as well as canon law, have always been particularly important; in addition the history of the English Common Law has been extensively studied.

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Editorial secretary:
Marguerite Duynstee
Faculteit der Rechtsgeleerdheid
Afdeling Civiel recht
Postbus 9520
2300 RA Leiden
The Netherlands

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