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Editor In Chief: Mordechai Feingold
Erudition and the Republic of Letters is a peer-reviewed journal devoted primarily to the history of scholarship, intellectual history, and to the respublica literaria broadly conceived. It encapsulates multifarious aspects of higher learning as well as the manner in which such knowledge transcends confessional and geopolitical boundaries.

This seems to be a propitious time for such an enterprise, as there exists a lively, and mostly young, community of scholars who carry out excellent and exciting work. Erudition and the Republic of Letters will establish itself quickly as the premier venue of its kind, and cater to the needs and aspirations of this community, while exhibiting the viability of the subject matter to students. The journal’s policy would be to not impose arbitrary word limit, but allow the content of the essay to determine length. Also, it would encourage publication of scholarly articles as well as editions of texts, reviews etc. — from the late Middle Ages to the end of the Nineteenth Century.

Erudition and the Republic of Letters may occasionally publish a primary source but it is devoted primarily to interpretative essays and reviews. By publishing such works, it aims to expand the available scholarly resources, and further invigorate the scholarly community.

Erudition and the Republic of Letters uses double-blind peer review.

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Journal of the World Publishing Community
Logos is a forum for opinion and the latest research from the world of publishing. The journal is international in scope and invites contributions on authorship, readers, book publishing, librarianship, and bookselling. Articles about the related fields of journals and magazines are also welcome, as are contributions about digital developments such as blogging and multimedia. Submissions are invited from both professionals and academics, and research articles will be subject to peer review. We also encourage publishers to send us books for review.

An English-language scholarly journal, published quarterly since 1990, Logos provides a platform for communication between publishing professionals, librarians, authors, scholars, and those in allied professions. It features articles from and about the publishing world, illustrating the unity, commonality, and conflicting interests of those who write, edit, manufacture, publish, disseminate, preserve, study, and read published works. Logos is international and intercultural, bridging gaps between academia and business, the developing and developed worlds, printed and digital media. The constituency comprises professional publishers and booksellers, both trade and academic; publishing studies, book history, new media and communications scholars, researchers and students; consultants, analysts, managers, and owners of publishing businesses; library managers and information professionals; as well as editors, typographers, and designers operating within the publishing industry.

Logos welcomes research articles, as well as feature articles, opinion pieces, and stories of personal experience by professionals and academics from the field of publishing and related professions. Feature articles provide professional and/or academic insight into publishing often gained through personal, real-life experience, and are accessible to a wider public. In addition, Logos invites analyses, reviews, book chapters, and interviews related to recent trends or important developments in publishing, librarianship, bookselling, etc.

Individual subscriptions to Logos also include access to the online version.

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A Journal Devoted to Manuscripts and Printed Books
Editor In Chief: Lisa Kuitert
Quærendo is a leading peer-reviewed journal on the history of books and manuscripts in Europe, especially but not exclusively the Low Countries and its neighbours. Particular emphasis is placed on the interdisciplinary nature of book history and the dissemination of books and manuscripts. Since 1971 Quærendo has established itself as a major forum for contributions concerning the history of the book. Each volume contains, besides full articles on all aspects of the history of the book, a special section for Book Reviews and Notes in order to announce recent discoveries, new publications and relevant events.

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