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Digital Archive of Brief Notes & Iran Review
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DABIR: Digital Archive of Brief notes & Iran Review is a peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary journal that appears in print and online. Publishing two issues per year and focusing on the greater Iranian and Persianate world, DABIR promotes original, thoughtful and cutting-edge research on philology, religion, history, art history, archaeology, linguistics, literature, manuscript studies and numismatics, from Jaxartes to the Mediterranean and from the Sumerian period through to the Safavid era (3500 BCE-1500 CE). Work dealing with later periods can be considered on request. The journal accepts articles in English, French, German and Persian. DABIR publishes both short and extensive innovative research papers, essays, book reviews and book notes, which analyse and underscore various subjects, as well as recent publications in the field. DABIR has an international diverse and multidisciplinary Editorial, Advisory and Scientific Board consisting of well-known scholars.
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The Journal of Egyptian History aims to encourage and stimulate a focused debate on writing and interpreting Egyptian history ranging from the Neolithic foundations of Ancient Egypt to its modern reception. It covers all aspects of Ancient Egyptian history (political, social, economic, and intellectual) and of modern historiography about Ancient Egypt (methodologies, hermeneutics, interplay between historiography and other disciplines, and history of modern Egyptological historiography).

The journal is open to contributions in English, German, and French.
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