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The peer-reviewed Journal of Religion in Japan constitutes a venue for academic research in the complex and multifaceted field of Japanese religion. The journal takes into consideration Japanese religious phenomena through their historical developments and contemporary evolution both within and outside of Japan. It explores the interplay between religion and society, religion and culture, religion and media, and religion and education; the dynamics of globalization and secularization related to Japanese religions; and the geography of religions, new sacred spaces, and hybridization of religion.

The Journal of Religion in Japan is committed to an approach based on religious studies, and is open to contributions coming from different disciplines, such as anthropology, sociology, history, Buddhist studies, Japanese studies, art history, and area studies. It encourages critical application of ideas and theories about Japanese religions and constitutes a forum for new theoretical developments in the field of religion in Japan. The Journal does not provide a venue for inter-religious dialogue and confessional approaches.
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