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Call for Papers! Our editorial team is putting together a special issue on Artificial Intelligence in the Asia Pacific. Please follow the link to our Call for Papers for information and to submit.

Asiascape: Digital Asia explores the political, social, and cultural impact of digital media in Asia through both critical, theoretically-minded research and innovative digital methods. Bringing together inter- and multi-disciplinary research in the area studies, arts, communication and media studies, information and computer sciences, and social sciences, this peer-reviewed journal examines the role that information, communication, and digital technologies play in Asian societies, as well as in intra-regional and transnational dynamics.
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The primary objective of the Journal of Contemporary Chinese Philosophy (JCCP) is to provide a platform for philosophers worldwide to showcase their latest scholarly work on topics that transcend the boundaries of traditional and modern Chinese philosophy. Rather than limiting itself to a specific philosophical tradition, it will serve as a broad-scope venue dedicated to research from all philosophical traditions and areas, highlighting the contributions to contemporary philosophical debates from China that consider regional differences and cultural traditions while facilitating conversations between Chinese and international philosophers. Philosophers from different regions have their unique perspectives and concerns shaped by their cultural traditions and local knowledge. These differences can lead to diverse philosophical insights and debates. The Journal of Contemporary Chinese Philosophy aims to connect a network of philosophers working both inside and outside of China, and to present contemporary philosophical debates that resonate with the Chinese philosophical community. For instance, in response to recent focuses of Chinese philosophers on emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, gene editing, and blockchain, the journal will set agendas in metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, and political philosophy over these technological developments through dedicated special issues, actively inviting philosophers around the world to engage in conversations and debates. The Journal of Contemporary Chinese Philosophy is sponsored by Beijing Normal University and launched by the International Center for Philosophy from Beijing Normal University at Zhuhai. The editorial team includes philosophers from all across China and all around the world.
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