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A Journal of Contemporary Approaches
This innovative and highly acclaimed journal publishes articles on various aspects of critical biblical scholarship in a complex global context. The journal provides a medium for the development and exercise of a whole range of current interpretive trajectories, as well as deliberation and appraisal of methodological foci and resources. Alongside individual essays on various subjects submitted by authors, the journal welcomes proposals for special issues that focus on particular emergent themes and analytical trends.

Over the past two decades, Biblical Interpretation has provided a professional forum for pushing the disciplinary boundaries of biblical studies: not only in terms of what biblical texts mean, but also what questions to ask of biblical texts, as well as what resources to use in reading biblical literature. The journal has thus the distinction of serving as a site for theoretical reflection and methodological experimentation.
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As of 2021, Brill Research Perspectives in Biblical Interpretation is no longer published as a journal by Brill, but will continue as a book series.

The growth of scholarly literature continues to accelerate at an exponential rate. Staying current on a variety of subjects is becoming increasingly difficult.

RPBI brings a substantial range of contemporary methodological conversations about biblical literature to a wide readership. The main goal of each book is to address a particular contemporary question and/or problem of interpretive importance as it intersects with biblical scholarship, raising the issues and suggesting further directions. Race, class, gender, nationality, sexuality, geography, and ecology are examples of lenses that the authors incorporate into these discussions.

These books are perfect for keeping abreast of conversations in the field, updating college and graduate-level courses with cutting-edge biblical scholarship, and exploring new and alternative approaches to long-standing questions in the field.
Horizons in Biblical Theology publishes articles that address all aspects of the relationship between biblical studies and theology. This includes traditional historical readings of biblical texts, thematic studies within biblical texts and theology, explorations of methodology and hermeneutics, and even readings from within confessional traditions.
The journal welcomes both technical articles that address historical and linguistic issues in biblical texts and theoretical articles that address innovations and difficulties in theological reading of texts. Contributions are peer-reviewed.
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