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As of 2021, Brill Research Perspectives in Religion and the Arts is no longer published as a journal by Brill, but will continue as a book series.

Brill Research Perspectives in Religion and the Arts presents extended reference articles on topics within the comprehensive field of world religions and the arts, from the traditional fine arts to newer fields of visual culture and material culture. References will be hyperlinked to original source materials when possible, offering both scholars and students the opportunity to stay current with the literature or to begin their research. Written as a single-author monograph with accompanying critical bibliography, each 50 to 100 page article provides an overview of the specific topic, its history within the larger discipline of religion and the arts, recent innovations in scholarship, critical commentary, and the unique analysis of the author's perspectives.
Published twice annually, the Journal of Avant-Garde Studies is a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary forum for critical discussion of the experimental, the outrageous, and the unclassifiable in the arts and literature, from the heyday of modernism to today. The perspective is global, the theoretical approaches are diverse, and the eligible subjects range from the famous to the forgotten.
JAGS seeks to broaden and enrich our history of the vanguard.
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Journal of Material Cultures in the Muslim World (MCMW) aims to be a new reference for field archaeologists, art historians, anthropologists, curators, and scholars and students of the (art) history, archaeology, architecture, anthropology & ethnography of the Muslim world. This readership represents a new broader definition of material culture that includes not only artefacts, architectural structures and monuments, but also crafts. The journal also aims to inform (other) disciplines and historiographies, by including (unreviewed) archaeological field surveys for example.
The journal focuses on un(der)explored Muslim regions outside of the Middle East and Nord Africa: sub-Saharan Africa, the Indian Ocean, Central Asia, India, South-East Asia and Europe.
The journal accepts submissions in English, French, German and Spanish and short reports in Arabic, Persian and Turkish with an English abstract.
Submissions should be sent to the Editor-in-Chief, Stéphane Pradines.
Frequency: 1 volume per year, 2 issues per volume.
Open Access
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Launched by Boston College in late 1996, Religion and the Arts has rapidly developed into a major international journal in this important interdisciplinary field. Religion and the Arts promotes the development of discourses for exploring the religious dimensions of the verbal, visual and performing arts. The journal has attracted international acclaim for its approach and its excellent quality and range of interest.

Religion and the Arts publishes:
● interpretations that develop new approaches to the religious and spiritual aspects of works of art
● discussions on the role of religion in cultural studies
● critical overviews of the state of scholarship in particular areas
● reviews, interviews, comment, debate, and surveys of recent developments

For more information on Boston College and the journal Religion and the Arts, please click here.
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The Vatican Library Review (VLR), an international, peer-reviewed journal, publishes articles of high scientific quality related to the Library’s vast holdings. The VLR especially encourages contributions resulting from innovative ideas and approaches as well as interdisciplinary collaboration. The Vatican Library, a research centre and promoter of culture, fosters a community of intellectual exchange that transcends the divisions of language, nationality and academic specialty. In this regard, the VLR is a place in which early career scholars and those whose work may not fit neatly within the boundaries of traditionally delimited disciplines can reach a wide audience. The VLR welcomes submissions written in English, German, French and Italian. It appears twice per year and publishes articles as well as shorter notes, which can include, but are not limited to, reports on conferences, summaries of completed dissertations and book reviews.
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