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A Journal of Russian Culture
Experiment, an annual journal devoted to Russian culture, focuses on the movements of the early twentieth century. These include both traditional and non-traditional avenues of academic enquiry, such as studio painting and graffiti, sculpture and ballroom dancing, architecture and commercial advertising. It is hoped that broader examination of such disciplines within critical discourse will provide a stronger and more precise definition of Russia's cultural accomplishment. Supervised by an editorial board of international stature, Experiment emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach, drawing upon archival sources while promoting and documenting the history of the Russian arts. The journal recognizes the achievements both of Imperial and Soviet Russia and of the diaspora.

Prepared by a guest editor or editors, each volume of Experiment consists of essays treating a particular theme or idea. Experiment is published under the auspices of the Institute of Modern Russian Culture at the University of Southern California.

Theme issues to date:
Vol. 23 - In Memoriam: Dmitry Vladimirovich Sarabyanov
Vol. 22 - A Stitch in Time: A Century of Russian Needlework and Fashion
Vol. 21 - СОХРАНИВШИЕСЯ ЧУДОМ: Письма из архива Ирины Миллер (1940-1947)
Vol. 20 - Kinetic Los Angeles: Russian Émigrés in the City of Self-Transformation
Vol. 19 - Demonocracy: The Satirical Journals of the 1905 Russian Revolution
Vol. 18 - Russian Sculpture
Vol. 17 - Sergei Diaghilev and the Ballets Russes
Vol. 16 - Leningrad Avant-garde
Vol. 15 - Siberian Modernism
Vol. 14 - The Wanderers
Vol. 13 - Vera Sudeikina
Vol. 12 - Cabaret
Vol. 11 - Pavel Filonov
Vol. 10 - Performing Arts and the Avant-garde
Vols. 8-9 - Vasilii Kandinsky
Vol. 7 - Art Nouveau
Vol. 6 - Organica
Vol. 5 - Khardzhiev Archive
Vol. 4 -The Apocalypse
Vol. 3 - The Russian Academy of Artistic Sciences
Vol. 2 - Artistic Movement in Russia in the 1910s and 1920s
Vol. 1 - Russian Avant-garde
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Memory Studies Review provides a unique platform for multidisciplinary research spanning a wide range of methodologies and theoretical frameworks across the field of memory studies. The journal is invested in exploring the ways in which the individual and collective, social and psychological, and political and cultural dimensions of memory interact with understandings of time, space, place, and scale. We are especially interested in the relationship between memory and environments of different kinds. We ask: how does memory shape and how is memory constituted by the natural world and built environments, as well as political, social and technological settings and surroundings? The journal seeks to establish an arena for a fourth wave of memory studies: an ecological, ecocritical, and post-humanist turn. We invite new research which explores memory in terms of ecosystems and the Anthropocene. We likewise encourage scholarship with innovative understandings of agency in order to enable a reconsideration of the interrelation of subjectivity and materiality, and the human and non-human.