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The 2023 Brill Online Journal Collection Languages, Linguistics and Literature gives access to the online content available back to the year 2000 of Brill´s 2023 Languages, Linguistics and Literature journal program.

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  • In 2023 Brill offers the following Journal Collections:

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This publication, founded in 1970 as a book series and published as a journal since 2015, has a rich history of important publications.
- ABÄG is an international peer-reviewed journal on Old Germanic languages, such as Gothic, Old Dutch, Old English, Old High German, Old Norse, Old Saxon and Middle Dutch, Middle English and Middle High German.
- Topics and approaches range from historical linguistics to literary studies, including onomastics, runology, manuscript studies, textual criticism and philology.
- The journal editors welcome special issues, in addition to book reviews and research articles.
- It regularly accepts contributions in English and German. For other languages, please consult the editors.

Some back volumes continue to be available as print volumes and as e-books.
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Journal of German Literature and Culture of the Early Modern Period (1400-1750) / Zeitschrift für deutsche Literatur und Kultur der Frühen Neuzeit
From its foundation in 1972, Daphnis was conceived as a platform for the publication of research into German literature and culture of the early modern period (14th-18th century). Since then it has developed to take on board interdisciplinary and intercultural perspectives. It is considered today an outstanding international scholarly forum for research into the early modern period. From a comparative point of view it examines the relationship between German literatures and cultural history and the culture of other European (and non-European) countries in the period, as well as such phenomena as cultural transfer. It addresses problems pertaining to the early new high German language and to Neo-Latin literature, as well as to new research fields such as intermediality, performance theories or gender studies. Within its four issues a year Daphnis offers the possibility of thematic volumes. With its double blind peer-review procedures, Daphnis is a platform which welcomes previously unpublished contributions (in German or English) under the headings: Research Articles, Miscellaneous Contributions, Bibliography and Book Reviews.

Die Zeitschrift Daphnis ist seit 1972 als Organ zur Erforschung der deutschen Literatur(en) und Kultur(en) der Frühen Neuzeit (14.-18.Jh) konzipiert worden. Seit ihrer Gründung hat sie sich im Sinne einer breiteren Interdisziplinarität und interkulturellen Perspektive entwickelt und ausdifferenziert. Heute gilt sie als ein international anerkanntes wissenschaftliches Forum für Frühneuzeitforschung. Sie berücksichtigt unter komparatistischem Aspekt die Beziehungen der deutschen Literatur und Kultur zu den europäischen (auch außereuropäischen) Kulturen dieses Zeitraums und Phänomene des Kulturtransfers. Hinzu kommen aktuelle Fragestellungen der frühneuhochdeutschen Sprache, der neulateinischen Literatur wie auch neuere Forschungsfelder der Intermedialität, Performanz, Gender Studies u.a. Im Rahmen der jährlich vorgesehenen vier Hefte sind inhaltlich geschlossene Themenhefte möglich und werden von Gastherausgebern verantwortet. Im Daphnis werden noch unveröffentlichte Beiträge (in deutscher und englischer Sprache) zu den Rubriken „Abhandlungen“, „Miszellen“, „Berichte“, „Bibliographien“ im Peer-Review-Verfahren aufgenommen. Darüber hinaus erscheinen Rezensionen zu aktuellen Publikationen der Epoche.
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The International Journal of Eurasian Linguistics (JEAL) aims at providing a professional forum for original contributions on the modern and ancient languages of Eurasia, with a focus on Central Eurasia, a region also known as Inner Asia, extending from Anatolia and eastern Europe in the west to northern China, Mongolia, Manchuria, Korea, and Japan in the east, and from the Iranian Plateau and Tibet in the south to Siberia and the Arctic Ocean in the north. The journal contains articles, reports, and book reviews. Preference is given to papers dealing with the languages of the region in a broad comparative panchronic scope, and with a philological, areal, or typological approach.
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The peer-reviewed Journal of Jewish Languages (JJL) constitutes a venue for academic research in the multifaceted field of Jewish Languages. Jewish languages are the languages spoken and written by Jews in their communities around the world. Among these are Yiddish, Judeo-Spanish, Judeo-Arabic, Jewish Aramaic, Judeo-Italian, Judeo-French, Judeo-Provençal, Judeo-Persian, Jewish English, Jewish Malayalam and more. Although these belong to a variety of genealogical language families, Jewish languages have common linguistic features, thus constituting a distinct field of research.

The Journal of Jewish Languages encourages comparative studies across the different Jewish languages as well as in-depth linguistic and philological research of the individual languages and their varieties. The JJL promotes studies that focus on diverse aspects, such as the interactions of these languages with other languages (especially Hebrew, Aramaic, and the surrounding non-Jewish languages), sociolinguistics, translation traditions, and more.
Articles in this journal focus on medieval, modern, and contemporary Jewish languages and are based on manuscripts, printed material, orally transmitted translations, field work recordings, online speech samples, and other sources.

Research on Hebrew will be considered for publication in JJL only if it relates to other languages Jews have spoken or written.

JJL encourages diverse methodological and theoretical approaches from dialectology, sociolinguistics, discourse analysis, historical linguistics, formal linguistics, philology, and other fields.
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Evolution of Languages, Contact and Discourse
Editors-in-Chief: and
Associate Editor:
Founding Editor:
The Journal of Language Contact (JLC) is a peer-reviewed journal. It focuses on the study of language contact, language use and language change in accordance with a view of language contact whereby both empirical data (the precise description of languages and how they are used) and the resulting theoretical elaborations (hence the statement and analysis of new problems) become the primary engines for advancing our understanding of the nature of language. This involves linguistic, anthropological, historical, and cognitive factors. Such an approach makes a major new contribution to understanding language change at a time when there is a notable increase of interest and activity in this field.
The Journal of Language Contact accepts articles in English and French.

Journal of Language Contact (JLC) est une revue évaluée par les pairs à la « double aveugle », elle est focalisée sur les problématiques et les dynamiques de la transformation des langues et des pratiques langagières dans les situations de contact au sein desquelles elles se développent normalement et naturellement.
Les orientations de recherche retenues s’appuient à la fois sur l’étude des données empiriques (descriptions précises) et sur le développement d’une réflexion théorique corrélative (qui peut faire émerger de nouvelles questions et de nouvelles problématiques). L’articulation entre approche empirique et réflexion théorique est ici considérée comme essentielle, car assurant la base même de notre compréhension des phénomènes linguistiques saisis à travers les effets et les conséquences de leur usage.
Ce positionnement suppose d’ouvrir la perspective au-delà des questions strictement linguistiques et de retenir la pertinence des facteurs anthropologiques, historiques et cognitifs. L’objectif final de Journal of Language Contact est d’accompagner la recherche et d’œuvrer pour des contributions majeures dans le champ.
Journal of Language Contact accepte les articles en anglais et en français.
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Editors: and
This international peer-reviewed journal covers both innovative and traditional aspects of the study of language change. Work on all aspects of historical and comparative linguistics and any language or language family is welcomed, as long as it bears on topics that are also of theoretical interest. A particular focus is on new developments in the field arising from the accumulation of extensive databases of linguistic variation and typological distributions, parallel texts, and comparative lexicons, which allow for the application of new types of quantitative approaches to diachronic linguistics. Moreover, the journal is intended to serve as an outlet for increasingly important interdisciplinary work on such topics as the evolution of language, archaeology and linguistics, human genetic and linguistic prehistory, and the computational modeling of language dynamics.
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This is a peer-reviewed, inclusive, non-Eurocentric, multi-disciplinary journal devoted to the study of temporal, spatial, economic, social, and linguistic aspects of ancient civilizations from the Old World, namely Africa, Asia, and Europe. We want to offer a comprehensive perspective on civilizations developed in these continents in pre-modern times, from prehistory to the fall of the Eastern Roman Empire (15th century AD).

- OW is an Open Access journal, fully-funded by the Research Centre For History and Culture (RCHC).
- OW is only published in a digital format.
- Submissions by both eminent and young scholars are welcome.
- Submissions may regard any aspects of the Old World: linguistics, history, archeology, art and architecture, philology, literature, philosophy, religion, economy, sociology, anthropology, etc.
- Submissions may regard any civilizations of Africa, Asia, and Europe, developed between prehistory and the 15th century AD, that is, the fall of the Eastern Roman Empire.
- OW also takes into consideration studies of oral literature, such as proverbs and folklore, as well as field work on endangered languages, which represent the legacy of ancient traditions verbally transmitted from generation to generation.
- Scholarly reviews are welcome as well.
- Special issues may be considered for publication.
- Articles must present original work and must have been submitted exclusively to OW.
The journal is published continuously. Once an article has been approved for publication by the editors, it is published immediately.
Open Access
A Journal of Semiotics in China and the World
This is a Diamond Open Access journal. Articles are published in Open Access at no cost to the author.

Signs & Media: A Journal of Semiotics in China and the World introduces the traditional Chinese theories of meaning, communication and art to the world, but also brings contemporary Chinese and East Asian semiotics in dialogue with contemporary international research.

Signs & Media is a double blind peer-reviewed, academic journal focused on semiotics in relation to contemporary media, communication and the arts. With the radical changes of forms of media and communication in modern society, as well as the dazzling spectacles of signs, symbols, texts, and art being produced, read, and interpreted in this cyber age of globalization a platform is needed where perspectives from East and West are shared to analyze these versatile productions of meaning.

The journal includes full-length research articles, review articles, short communications, or other formats of materials which explore the linguistic, philosophical, sociological, anthropological, literary, cognitive and other scientific dimensions of semiotics and media studies.

The journal is relevant to researchers and practitioners of semiotics and media studies who are interested in the generation and mechanism of meaning, as well as the structure of communications through all forms of media.

Signs & Media welcomes the following types of submissions. Please have a look and check our requirements per article type.
We have more detailed guidance for the submission of book reviews.
Suggestions or proposals to guest edit a special issue are also welcome and can be sent to the publisher at BRILL, Masja Horn.
Open Access
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