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This publication, founded in 1970 as a book series and published as a journal since 2015, has a rich history of important publications.
- ABÄG is an international peer-reviewed journal on Old Germanic languages, such as Gothic, Old Dutch, Old English, Old High German, Old Norse, Old Saxon and Middle Dutch, Middle English and Middle High German.
- Topics and approaches range from historical linguistics to literary studies, including onomastics, runology, manuscript studies, textual criticism and philology.
- The journal editors welcome special issues, in addition to book reviews and research articles.
- It regularly accepts contributions in English and German. For other languages, please consult the editors.

Some back volumes continue to be available as print volumes and as e-books.
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The peer-reviewed journal Indo-European Linguistics (IEL) is devoted to the study of the ancient and medieval Indo-European languages from the perspective of modern theoretical linguistics. It provides a venue for synchronic and diachronic linguistic studies of the Indo-European languages and the Indo-European family as a whole within any theoretically informed or analytical framework. It also welcomes typological investigations, especially those which make use of cross-linguistic data, including that from non-Indo-European languages, as well as research which draws upon the findings of language acquisition, cognitive science, variationist sociolinguistics, and language contact.
Open Access
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NOW PUBLISHED IN OPEN ACCESS. All articles published in the Journal of Greek Linguistics are available in open access from the date of publication. Special introductory Article Processing Charges apply for publication in this journal. For more information see the Instructions for Authors.

The Journal of Greek Linguistics (JGL) is an established (double-blind) peer-reviewed international journal dedicated to the descriptive and theoretical study of the Greek language from its roots in Ancient Greek down to present-day dialects and varieties, including those spoken in Asia Minor, Cyprus, Tsakonia, and the Greek diaspora. It aims to offer a focused outlet for publication of first-class research in Greek Linguistics, broadly construed.

JGL’s goal is not only to reach linguists interested in the Greek language but also to engage the linguistics community and Hellenists more generally. The input to JGL will thus comprise any topic relevant to Greek linguistics, in the broadest sense, but with some preference given to material with wider relevance to specific subfields within linguistics proper. The intention is therefore on the one hand to encourage discussions and research that illuminate different aspects - theoretical, historical, and descriptive - of general linguistics using Greek data, and on the other hand to offer innovative solutions to problems and issues specific to the description and analysis of the Greek language.

Greek has played a central role in linguistics and the study of language for centuries. JGL will bring the language into a key position in current debate within Linguistics and related fields.
Open Access
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Managing Editor:
Kurdish Studies Journal is an interdisciplinary and peer-reviewed journal dedicated to publishing high-quality research and scholarship. Kurdish Studies Journal publishes research, scholarship, and debates in the field of Kurdish studies in a multidisciplinary fashion covering a wide range of topics including, but not limited to, economics, history, society, gender, minorities, politics, health, law, environment, language, media, culture, arts, and education.
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