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Bamboo and Silk is a peer-reviewed academic journal sponsored by the Center of Bamboo and Silk Manuscripts of Wuhan University. Based on unearthed Chinese bamboo and silk manuscripts from the Warring States period (476–221 BC) and Qin (221–206BC), Han (206BC–220 AD), Wei (220–265 AD) and Jin (265–420 AD) Dynasties, this journal focuses on studies of character identification and textual reconstitution, and studies of the social, political, economic and legal systems as well as ideology, culture, language, customs and other aspects reflected by these manuscripts. The journal includes research articles on bamboo and silk manuscripts and book reviews. All articles are peer reviewed by anonymous outside experts as well as by the editorial board, and reflect the current state of international academic research issues on Chinese bamboo and silk manuscripts.

Bamboo and Silk is primarily based on Jian Bo 簡帛, a Chinese journal that was initially published in 2006 by Shanghai Chinese Classics Publishing House Co., Ltd., with some articles chosen from Jian Bo 簡帛 and translated into English. The journal accepts submissions in English as well.
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As as 2022, Bulletin of Chinese Linguistics is no longer published by Brill. Please contact for all inquiries related to the journal.

The Li Fang-Kuei Society for Chinese Linguistics 紀念李方桂先生中國語言學研究學會, named in honor of a consummate scholar who made monumental contributions in Chinese, Tibetan, Tai and American Indian linguistics, was established in Seattle on October 1, 2003 by a group including Professor Li Fang-Kuei’s family members, former students, friends, colleagues, and admirers. The Society launched its flagship journal, Bulletin of Chinese Linguistics in May 2006 together with the Center for Chinese Linguistics of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology as a permanent tribute to Professor Li Fang-Kuei. The Bulletin of Chinese Linguistics plays a vital role in the Society’s mission to foster high-quality research in Chinese linguistics and related fields. Its areas of interest include Sino-Tibetan and other languages related to Chinese such as Tibeto-Burman and Tai-Kradai. Published biannually, the journal provides a global forum for scholarly exchanges to continue the great tradition embodied and fostered by Professor Li, and to shed new light and explore new horizons in historical, comparative, and typological studies. All articles are peer-reviewed and are published in either English or Chinese.


Manuscript Submission 徵稿 The Bulletin of Chinese Linguistics seeks submissions of articles. Electronic submissions should be sent to: 稿件請發電郵至:

The journal currently does not accept paper submissions through mail.
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A Journal of Semiotics in China and the World
This is a Diamond Open Access journal. Articles are published in Open Access at no cost to the author.

Signs & Media: A Journal of Semiotics in China and the World introduces the traditional Chinese theories of meaning, communication and art to the world, but also brings contemporary Chinese and East Asian semiotics in dialogue with contemporary international research.

Signs & Media is a double blind peer-reviewed, academic journal focused on semiotics in relation to contemporary media, communication and the arts. With the radical changes of forms of media and communication in modern society, as well as the dazzling spectacles of signs, symbols, texts, and art being produced, read, and interpreted in this cyber age of globalization a platform is needed where perspectives from East and West are shared to analyze these versatile productions of meaning.

The journal includes full-length research articles, review articles, short communications, or other formats of materials which explore the linguistic, philosophical, sociological, anthropological, literary, cognitive and other scientific dimensions of semiotics and media studies.

The journal is relevant to researchers and practitioners of semiotics and media studies who are interested in the generation and mechanism of meaning, as well as the structure of communications through all forms of media.

Signs & Media welcomes the following types of submissions. Please have a look and check our requirements per article type.
We have more detailed guidance for the submission of book reviews.
Suggestions or proposals to guest edit a special issue are also welcome and can be sent to the publisher at BRILL, Masja Horn.
Open Access
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