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International Journal for the Study of Modern Islam
Die Welt des Islams focuses on the history, religion and culture of Muslim societies across the world from the eighteenth century to the present. The peer-reviewed journal welcomes contributions in English, French and German from all relevant academic disciplines. Research articles and extensive book reviews offer a broad scholarly view of the field of Islam; in-depth thematic issues are devoted to relevant historical and contemporary problems.
Originally established in 1913, Die Welt des Islams is found in the world’s major research libraries. By the breadth of its geographical as well as thematic perspectives, the journal is unrivalled in its field and an essential resource for those who wish to stay on top of their discipline.
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The Journal of Muslims in Europe is devoted to publishing articles dealing with contemporary issues on Islam and Muslims in Europe from all disciplines and across the whole region, as well as historical studies of relevance to the present. The focus is on articles offering cross-country comparisons or with significant theoretical or methodological relevance to the field. Case studies with innovative approaches or on under-explored issues, and studies of policy and policy development in the various European institutions, including the European courts, and transnational movements and social and cultural processes are also welcome. The journal also welcomes book reviews.

All contributions to the journal must display a substantial use of primary-source material and must be original. The editors also encourage younger scholars to submit contributions. The Journal of Muslims in Europe has a double-blind peer review system and publishes articles in both English and French.
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The Journal of Religious Minorities under Muslim Rule provides a primary venue for scholarly studies that examine religious minorities (such as Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians, Hindus, and other minoritarian Muslim groups) under majoritarian Muslim rule. The journal covers a large temporal period, spanning from 7th century Arabia to 1922 (the end of Ottoman rule), in addition to a large geographic area from North Africa and al-Andalus in the West to Iran, some Central Asian lands, well into Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, and Indonesia in the East. The focus includes minority-minority, minority-majority, and minority-state relations. In addition to its broad temporal and geographic reach, this is an interdisciplinary journal which will appeal to those working in specific disciplines, including history, religious studies, literature, legal studies, and archaeology.
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The Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication (MEJCC) provides a critical academic sphere that engages scholars of the Middle East and North Africa in a dialogue about culture, communication and politics. Engaging with pressing issues facing the region and its global diasporas, it acts as a forum for critical debate that sheds light on the politics of the everyday, popular culture, civic communication, media and journalism practices and representation, digital cultures as well as intellectual production and exchange.
The MEJCC provides a vehicle for developing the study of global communication, digitality, everyday politics and popular culture from the vantage point of the Middle East and North Africa. It encourages work that re-conceptualises dominant paradigms and theories of media and communication, and that takes a local, comparative and/ or transnational approach. The MEJCC also explicitly supports work that challenges the static and suzerain epistemological frameworks through which the region has been historically represented and perceived. The MEJCC provides a platform for rigorous peer-reviewed work, including original research papers, reviews and review articles from within and outside the region.
The MEJCC encourages original, methodologically diverse and interdisciplinary submissions from fields and disciplines as varied as anthropology, cultural studies, art criticism, cultural history, gender studies, media studies, politics and philosophy.
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Sociology of Islam (SOI) provides an international scholarly forum for research related to the religion and culture of Islam, Muslim societies, and social issues related to Muslims in socio-political context. Decidedly rooted in the sociological perspective, SOI takes an expansive and global view of this broad subject matter. The SOI publishes multiple issues per year containing original peer-reviewed articles and book reviews on the sociological, political, anthropological, historical and other aspects of Islam and Muslim societies across all times and places. By promoting an academic understanding of the richly variegated and complex nature of both majority Muslim societies and of the issues related to the minority status of Muslims in other social contexts, in both thought and practice, Sociology of Islam makes a distinctive contribution to current scholarship in the field of sociology.
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