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An International Journal of Systematic Entomology
2020 Impact Factor: 1,800
5-Year Impact Factor: 1,518

Insect Systematics & Evolution (ISE) publishes original papers on all aspects of systematic entomology and the evolutionary history of both extant and extinct insects and related groups. Priority is given to taxonomic revisions and phylogenetic studies employing morphological and molecular data. ISE also welcomes reviews and syntheses that can appeal to a wide community of systematic entomologists. Single species descriptions, regional checklists, and phylogenetic studies based on few taxa or single molecular markers will generally not be accepted.

Benefits to authors
ISE is a subscription-based journal, and thus it is free of charge to publish in this journal. There is no color figure charge for either the print or the PDF version. A PDF file of the article will be supplied free of charge by the publisher to each author. ISE also registers new taxonomic nomenclatural acts to Zoobank (Official Registry of the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature). ISE is archived through Portico, which preserves the contents and layout of the work.
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Concise Review Articles on Insects, Spiders and their Relatives Living on Land
Terrestrial Arthropod Reviews contains concise review articles on living and extinct insects, arachnids, and their relatives that use land during (a part of) their life history.
Instead of requesting a historic, exhaustive overview of all aspects of a particular subject matter, Terrestrial Arthropod Reviews aims to provide space for critical thinking and thought-provoking questions. The journal welcomes integrative reports on findings within a certain habitat or organism, but beyond the taxonomic description. Substantial contributions in systematics, such as faunistic updates, revisionary works, etc., are welcomed. However, isolated species descriptions, and new records papers are specifically excluded. Reports on species-species or species-environment interactions as well as biodiversity, conservation biology and the effect on habitats of ecological changes are especially welcome.
This title is included in the HINARI, AGORA and OARE programmes.
Terrestrial Arthropod Reviews was published between 2008 and 2014. Ceased per 2015.