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History of Philosophy & Logical Analysis (HPLA) holds that the goal of systematic philosophy of uncovering and substantiating philosophical truths should also be a central tenet when investigating the history of philosophy, especially considering that historical texts were written with this goal in mind, i.e., out of an interest in truth. For this reason we should read these texts as potential conveyors of truths, and if — despite benevolent interpretation — this proves to be unfeasible, then as conveyors of falsehoods. Only in this manner can a lively dialogue with our philosophical past be initiated, and only thus can we properly pay tribute to it. On the whole, this approach promises to shed new light on classical texts, making them even more fruitful in dealing with the controversial issues of modern philosophy.
HPLA provides a forum for articles in which texts from the history of philosophy are approached with the aim of offering a systematic reconstruction of theories concerning pertinent philosophical problems (often deploying the resources of modern logical analysis in the course of reconstruction). Discovered theories or fragments of such theories can be carefully elucidated and developed further. In this way, novel questions can be put to an historical author, and profitably pursued within the framework of the established system.
The works of the history of philosophy should not only be honoured as historical documents, but first and foremost be taken seriously from a philosophical point of view.
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The Journal of the Philosophy of History (JPH) is devoted to the philosophical examination of history as a mode of thought and our existence in time.

The journal assumes that epistemology, philosophy of mind and language, philosophy of science, and moral philosophy are incomplete if they ignore history. Once we historicize the relationship of mind and world, we raise a number of philosophical problems that call for a deeper analysis and that are of the greatest significance for an adequate understanding of how knowledge and self-understanding are possible.

The journal covers a wide range of questions: questions concerning the nature of historical knowledge, the metaphysics of historical existence, the intelligibility of the historical process, and questions concerning the value, ethics and politics of history-writing.

The Journal of the Philosophy of History is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal and welcomes contributions from all the branches of philosophy. It also welcomes the writing of history in so far as it elucidates and possibly solves philosophical problems.
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International Journal for Ancient Philosophy
Founded in 1988 by Conrado Eggers Lan (Universidad de Buenos Aires), Méthexis seeks to promote studies and research in the history of ancient philosophy (throughout the course of its development), so as to offer scholars a venue for discussing and comparing their results. Within this general framework, the journal stands out on account of two distinguishing features: 1) it welcomes, or indeed solicits, contributions reflecting different schools of thought and methodological approaches, be they analytical, hermeneutical, historical or chiefly philological contributions; 2) the journal values the wide range of national traditions, including – as far as this is possible – from a linguistic perspective, as it accepts contributions in five languages (English, French, German, Italian and Spanish); by doing so, the journal seeks to present itself as an “international” publication, in the strictest sense of the term.
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A Journal for Ancient Philosophy
Founded in 1955, Phronesis is the oldest and most authoritative scholarly journal for the study of ancient Greek and Roman thought (ancient philosophy, metaphysics, epistemology, logic and the philosophy of science and medicine) from its origins down to the end of the sixth century A.D. Phronesis offers the reader specialist articles and book notes from top international scholars. It publishes work in English, French, German, and Italian.

All queries regarding new submissions should be directed to Dr. Alexander Long. Please see the Instructions for Authors in the Submit an Article tab.

European Science Foundation Ranking A.
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Polis (AGPT) was founded in 1977 to provide a forum for publication to scholars specializing in what was then a neglected sub-field – ancient Greek political thought. In the years since, Polis has expanded its coverage to include Hellenistic and Roman political thought. Over the years Polis evolved into a fully-fledged academic journal that publishes material of interest to those who study ancient Greek and Roman political thought broadly understood, whether they do so as classicists, ancient historians, philosophers, intellectual historians, or political scientists. Polis also welcomes articles on the reception of ancient Greek and Roman political thought in Europe, America, or elsewhere. Since its inception the journal speaks for no particular perspective or methodology and it is devoted to the publication of original papers, even though extensive literature reviews, critiques of contemporary research, and review essays are also included.

Polis publishes contributions written in English, French and German. Submissions are peer-reviewed, and an editorial decision is made on the basis of these reviews. The views and opinions expressed in peer-reviewed articles published in Polis are those of the authors and do not reflect the position of the journal.

The Agenzia Nazionale di Valutazione del Sistema Universitario e della Ricerca classifies Polis as a Class A journal in Area 14/B1, History of Political Thought.
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