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Contemporary Pragmatism (COPR) is an interdisciplinary, international journal for discussions of applying pragmatism, broadly understood, to today's issues. Contemporary Pragmatism will consider articles about pragmatism written from the standpoint of any tradition and perspective. Contemporary Pragmatism especially seeks original explorations and critiques of pragmatism, and also of pragmatism's relations with humanism, naturalism, and analytic philosophy. Contemporary Pragmatism cannot consider submissions that principally interpret or critique historical figures of American philosophy, although applications of past thought to contemporary issues are sought. Contemporary Pragmatism welcomes contributions dealing with current issues in any field of philosophical inquiry, from epistemology, philosophy of language, metaphysics and philosophy of science, and philosophy of mind and action, to the areas of theoretical and applied ethics, aesthetics, social & political philosophy, philosophy of religion, and philosophy of the social sciences. Contemporary Pragmatism encourages work having an interdisciplinary orientation, establishing bridges between pragmatic philosophy and, for example, theology, psychology, pedagogy, sociology, economics, medicine, political science, or international relations.

Editorial questions, suggestions about special issues or book reviews, and other queries should be sent to:

Book Reviews:
Publishers can contact about mailing new books. Instructions for book reviewers is to be found on
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Founded in 1964, the Danish Yearbook of Philosophy is a peer-reviewed journal published for the Danish Philosophical Society. Reflecting the broad interpretation of philosophy institutionalized internationally at universities, the Yearbook aims to cover a broad ground in relation to philosophical schools, styles and traditions and welcomes all submissions of general philosophical interest of a high scholarly standard. The journal publishes in English, German and French.

The Yearbook may dedicate a section or a whole issue to a specific theme. Prospective guest editors are encouraged to write to the Editor-in-Chief.

The general aim of the Yearbook is still, as it was originally, to stimulate the professional interaction between Danish university philosophers and their international colleagues.

A particular mission of the Yearbook is the publication of articles relating to Danish academic philosophy in at least one of the following senses:

1.) The theme or subject of the article is a Danish philosopher or a school of philosophy that has, or has had, a significant representation in Denmark. 2.) The activity behind the article is linked to Denmark, typically in the form of a presentation originally delivered in Denmark, e.g. as a keynote address, an invited guest lecture, a contribution to a seminar etc. 3.) The author of the article is a Danish philosopher, a philosopher based in Denmark, or connected to Denmark in some other way.

An additional mission is to review books published in English, German or French by Danish philosophers, or philosophers with strong ties to Denmark. Reviewers must be non-Danish philosophers. Authors may contact the review editor.
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Beiträge zur Geschichte und Systematik der Transzendentalphilosophie
Fichte-Studien, pubished by the Internationale Johann-Gottlieb-Fichte Gesellschafte. V. ., aims to promote the work of Johann Gottlieb Fichte. It discusses his transcendental ideas and system design philosophy. The historical conditions and controversies of Fichte's work are brought to a deeper understanding as well as its consequences today.

Before Volume 50 (2021) Fichte Studien was published as a book series. The society continues to publish monographs and edited collections in the book series Fichte-Studien, Supplementa.
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History of Philosophy & Logical Analysis (HPLA) holds that the goal of systematic philosophy of uncovering and substantiating philosophical truths should also be a central tenet when investigating the history of philosophy, especially considering that historical texts were written with this goal in mind, i.e., out of an interest in truth. For this reason we should read these texts as potential conveyors of truths, and if — despite benevolent interpretation — this proves to be unfeasible, then as conveyors of falsehoods. Only in this manner can a lively dialogue with our philosophical past be initiated, and only thus can we properly pay tribute to it. On the whole, this approach promises to shed new light on classical texts, making them even more fruitful in dealing with the controversial issues of modern philosophy.
HPLA provides a forum for articles in which texts from the history of philosophy are approached with the aim of offering a systematic reconstruction of theories concerning pertinent philosophical problems (often deploying the resources of modern logical analysis in the course of reconstruction). Discovered theories or fragments of such theories can be carefully elucidated and developed further. In this way, novel questions can be put to an historical author, and profitably pursued within the framework of the established system.
The works of the history of philosophy should not only be honoured as historical documents, but first and foremost be taken seriously from a philosophical point of view.
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