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Journal of Ecclesiology and Ethnography
Ecclesial Practices publishes articles and book reviews at the intersection of ethnographic and other qualitative approaches with theological approaches to the study of a variety of ecclesial practices and contexts of practice. These might include churches, congregations, other (new and emerging) ecclesial communities, virtual ecclesial communities and local, national, and international expressions of para-church organizations.

The journal maintains a special interest in a breadth of systematic-theological perspectives, including the doctrine of the church, as they relate to qualitative study of emerging and existing ecclesial communities and practices. The journal seeks contributions offering critical discussions of processes and programs for ecclesial renewal and development, as well as examinations of new forms of being church. It aims to broaden and advance research at an international level which contributes to a deeper understanding of 'church in practice' in a global context.

The journal is an initiative of the Ecclesiology and Ethnography Network.

The journal will include articles that are:
(a) empirical studies of churches, congregations and other ecclesial communities, together with studies of particular ecclesial practices;
(b) theological studies of ecclesial communities and practices, engaging with empirical studies;
(c) critical discussions of processes and programs for congregational renewal and development, as well as new forms of being church;
(d) an exploration of Christian doctrine, including doctrine of the church, as it relates to empirical study of contemporary ecclesial communities and practices;
(e) discussions of methodological issues with regard to ecclesiological research;
(f) discussions of the implications of new technologies and digital cultures for congregational life, and of related methods of enquiry.
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The idea and practice of public theology has recently emerged as a distinct field of scholarship that proactively engages theology with contemporary public issues. The global project of public theology has expanded the western idea of three audiences - the church, the academy and the public domain – and their inter-relationship to multiple publics. It has now become a global discipline that intersects with the emergence of a world Christianity. Now, in the Anthropocene, those three audiences should be viewed in the light of a concern for the whole of creation, including those other creatures with whom we share life and upon whom we depend.
A public theology seeks to be in creative dialogue with different academic disciplines, including politics, economics, law and security studies, cultural studies, religion, spirituality, the natural science and the social sciences and the study of globalization. It is sensitive to the emergence of new publics that arise out of theology’s engagement with other new disciplines – like astrobiology – which redefines understandings of what is space and what is public. It is also a discipline that welcomes the expertise of practitioners reflecting on public policy.

The International Journal of Public Theology, affiliated with the Global Network for Public Theology, is a platform for original inter/transdisciplinary research in this field. Manuscripts submitted for publication must exhibit clear and sustained engagement between theology, broadly construed, and a matter or matters of public significance.
All articles undergo rigorous peer review, based on initial editor screening and blind refereeing by two anonymous referees.
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