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The Interdisciplinary Journal for Religion and Transformation in Contemporary Society (JRAT) is an interdisciplinary, international, online open-access journal with a double-blind peer-review process. It was established in 2015 with the aim of promoting the research topics of the Research Centre “Religion and Transformation in Contemporary Society” (RaT, University of Vienna) in an international scope. Every issue has a distinct thematic focus which is approached from different disciplines. The journal aims at investigating the contribution of religion to the cultural, political, juridical, and aesthetic dynamics in present-day pluralistic societies. Vice versa, it examines the influence of the contemporary processes of social transformation on religion and religious expressions. The mutual impact of religious and societal transformation processes requires the collaboration of different academic disciplines, which creates an interdisciplinary research space both for theologians of different religious and confessional traditions (Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, Islamic, etc.), as well as for researchers in the field of Religious Studies, Sociology of Religion, Social Sciences, Law, Jewish Studies, Islamic Studies, Indology, Tibetan and Buddhist Studies, Philosophy and Pedagogy, etc.

JRAT is closely linked with JRAT Supplements and RaT Book Series.

Das Interdisciplinary Journal for Religion and Transformation in Contemporary Society (JRAT) ist eine interdisziplinäre, internationale, online Open-Access Zeitschrift mit peer-review Verfahren. Sie wurde im Jahr 2015 gegründet, um die thematischen Schwerpunkte des Forschungszentrums „Religion and Transformation in Contemporary Society“ (RaT, Universität Wien) in die internationale Diskurslandschaft einzubringen. Jede Ausgabe von JRAT hat einen klar bestimmten thematischen Fokus, der von verschiedenen Disziplinen in den Blick genommen wird. Das Ziel des Journals besteht in der wissenschaftlichen Thematisierung des Einflusses von Religionen auf kulturelle, politische, rechtliche, ästhetische und geistige Dynamiken in globalisierten Gesellschaften. Umgekehrt wird die Bedeutung von aktuellen gesellschaftlichen Transformationsprozessen auf Religionen und religiöse Ausdrucksformen untersucht. Die Wechselwirkung von religiösen und gesellschaftlichen Veränderungen verlangt ein Zusammenwirken unterschiedlicher wissenschaftlicher Disziplinen und eröffnet eine Sphäre interdisziplinärer Forschung. An dieser haben sowohl Theologien verschiedener Konfessionen und Religionen (Katholisch, Orthodox, Evangelisch, Islamisch etc.) als auch Religionswissenschaft, Religionsphilosophie, Religionssoziologie, Rechtswissenschaft, Sozialwissenschaft, Judaistik, Islamwissenschaft, Indologie, Tibet- und Buddhismuskunde etc. teil.
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The Journal for Continental Philosophy of Religion is an international peer-reviewed journal for scholars interested in the intersection between continental philosophy and religion. The journal publishes articles of a scholarly nature and book review-essays on every aspect of continental philosophy of religion. We especially welcome studies in one of the following areas:
• Phenomenology of Religion
• Hermeneutics of Religion and Interreligious Dialogue
• German Idealism and Religion
• Psychoanalysis and Religion
• The Philosophical retrieval of Patristic traditions (Greek, Latin and Syrian)
• Religious Imagination (especially the role of visual arts, cinema, and literature)
• Religion and Gender Studies
• The Contribution of Theology in Political Theory and Identity Narratives
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Editors-in-Chief: and
The Journal of Pentecostal Theology is the first academic serial to publish constructive theological research from a Pentecostal perspective on an international scholarly level. Guest articles from and exchanges with leading scholars from outside the ranks of Pentecostalism are regularly featured (e.g. Richard Bauckham, Walter Brueggemann, Sarah Coakley, Harvey Cox, James D.G. Dunn, Terence Fretheim, John Goldingay, Paul D. Hanson, Stanley Hauerwas, Robert Jenson, Luke Timothy Johnson, Craig Koester, Ulrich Luz, Jürgen Moltmann, Clark Pinnock, Eduard Schweizer, and Michael Welker). These dialogues foster the fruitful ecumenical and theological interchange that continues to expand between global Pentecostalism and the full spectrum of ecclesial and theological traditions.
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Journal of Philosophy, Theology and Science in Islamic Societies
Oriens is dedicated to extending our knowledge of intellectual history and developments in the rationalist disciplines in Islamic civilization, with a special emphasis on philosophy, theology, and science. These disciplines had a profoundly rich and lasting life in Islamic civilization and often interacted in complex ways--from the period of their introduction to Islamic civilization in the translation movement that began in the eighth century, through the early and classical periods of development, to the post-classical age, when they shaped even such disciplines as legal theory and poetics. The journal's range extends from the early and classical to the early modern periods (ca. 700-1900 CE) and it engages all regions and languages of Islamic civilization. In the tradition of Hellmut Ritter, who founded Oriens in 1948, the central focus of interest of the journal is on the medieval and early modern periods of the Near and Middle East. Within this framework, the opening up of the sources and the pursuit of philological and historical research based on original source material is the main concern of its editors and contributors. In addition to individual articles, Oriens welcomes proposals for thematic volumes within the series.

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International Philosophical Journal of Christianity, Science, and Society
Philosophia Reformata is a philosophical journal that welcomes contributions containing philosophical reflection in relation to the Christian tradition. Articles are broadly philosophical in nature, including interdisciplinary approaches in which philosophical reflection forms a substantive element. Contributions may either focus on philosophical themes in relation to Christianity (e.g., being, truth, knowledge, the good, religion, personhood, and others), or on themes in the sciences, the humanities, ethics, and professional practices, also in relation to Christianity (e.g., themes relating to normativity, responsibility, care, natural and social sciences, politics, economics, environmental sciences, and/or technology).
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مجلّة الدراسات الفلسفيّة
This is a Diamond Open Access journal. Articles are published in Open Access at no cost to the author.
Philosophical Studies Journal (PSJ) is a peer-reviewed philosophical journal published by Mohamed Bin Zayed University in collaboration with Brill. The journal specializes in philosophy of religion and medieval philosophy and how these approaches and traditions are relevant to new philosophical issues. PSJ covers ancient and modern philosophical topics and encourages the exchange of different opinions and viewpoints on each topic.
PSJ publishes research in both Arabic and English. The journal only publishes original content that has not been previously published or submitted for publication elsewhere.
مجلة الدراسات الفلسفية هي مجلّة فلسفيّة محكّمة تصدر عن جامعة محمّد بن زايد بالتعاون مع دار النشر العالميّة بريل. تختصّ المجلّة بالبحث الفلسفيّ في فلسفة الدين والفلسفة الوسيطية. تكتسب المجلّة أهمّيّتها انطلاقًا من مقاربتها القضايا الفلسفيّة في محاور تنفتح على قضايا فلسفية جديدة، وتؤسس لقول علمي جاد لفترة فلسفية كانت لها انعكاسات هامة على صعيد الفلسفة الحديثة والمعاصرة. تهتمّ المجلّة بالموضوعات الفلسفيّة القديمة والحديثة، وتشجّع على تبادل الآراء ووجهات النظر في كلّ موضوع.
تنشر مجلة الدراسات الفلسفية الأبحاثَ باللغتين العربيّة والإنكليزيّة. وتشترط في الأعمال الواردة إليها ألّا تكون قد نُشرت سابقًا أو قُدِّمت للنشر في مطبوعات أخرى.
Open Access
Managing Editor:
The aim of the journal is to provide an international forum for Jewish thought, philosophy, and intellectual history from any given period. The emphasis is on high scholarly standards with an interest in issues of interpretation and the contemporary world. Articles are expected to cover philosophy, biblical studies, mysticism, literary criticism, political theory, sociology and anthropology.
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Journal of Religious and Cultural Studies
Founded in 1948 by Hans-Joachim Schoeps and Ernst Benz.

The Zeitschrift für Religions- und Geistesgeschichte is a peer-reviewed journal which comprises original papers, miscellanea, and reviews both in German and English from the crossroads of philosophy, the history of religions, cultural studies, theology, ethnology, European history, the history of art, and the history of the sciences. It is not bound to any specific period, field, scholarly method or school but rather to the excellence and the innovative character of texts and ideas. Each issue aims at presenting a mixture of insights from outsiders and newcomers, as well as scholarly views and outlooks from insiders along with an extensive book review section.

The Zeitschrift für Religions- und Geistesgeschichte has a longstanding tradition and is one of the most outstanding journals in the humanities of the German-speaking world. Today, it is a forum for interdisciplinary research and scholarly dialogue in the fields of religious and intellectual history.
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