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Acta Archaeologica, founded in 1930, is the leading scientific international archaeological periodical in Scandinavia. Acta Archaeologica publishes full presentations of important new discoveries, archaeological analyses, and general and interdisciplinary studies with an archaeological basis. Its primary focus is on Northern European archaeology (including Baltic countries) up to AD 1500, and on European and World themes of particular interest to the archaeology of Northern Europe. Emphasis throughout is on quality, originality of data and well documented and illustrated studies, as well as on methodological issues. Contributions by young scholars are especially welcomed.
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an international journal of art and perception science
2022 Impact Factor: 0,7
5 Year Impact Factor: 0,7

The main objective of Art & Perception is to provide a high-quality platform to publish new artwork and research in the multi-disciplinary emerging bridge between art and perception. As such it aims to become the top venue to explore the links between the science of perception and the arts, and to bring together artists, researchers, scholars and students in a unified community that can cooperate, discuss and develop new scientific perspectives in this complex and intriguing new field.

The purpose is not to minimize or erase the differences between the arts and sciences, which are grounded in venerable histories that are in many ways necessarily distinct. Rather, the ambition of the journal is to combine the differing methods and insights of artists and scientists in order to expand our knowledge of art and perceptual experience in a way that neither could do alone.

Art & Perception will serve those across several areas of science studying the way works of art and design affect us perceptually, cognitively, or physiologically. The editors are also keen to receive submissions from practicing artists, and those in related fields of history and theory, which offer an artistic perspective on perception.
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Aziatische Kunst is het tijdschrift van de Koninklijke Vereniging van Vrienden der Aziatische Kunst (KVVAK) en verschijnt 3 keer per jaar. De artikelen zijn van de hand van de conservatoren van het Rijksmuseum en gerenommeerde wetenschappers op het gebied van Aziatische kunst in binnen- en buitenland. Indien u het tijdschrift in print wenst te ontvangen, gelieve contact op te nemen met de KVVAK: Aziatische Kunst is the journal of the Royal Society of Friends of Asian Art (KVVAK) and is published in 3 issues per year. The articles are written by the curators of the Rijksmuseum and renowned international specialists in the field of Asian art. When you want to receive the journal in print, please contact the KVVAK:
As of 2021, Brill Research Perspectives in Art and Law is no longer published as a journal by Brill, but will continue as a book series.

The interdisciplinary English language journal Art and Law aims to gather outstanding contributions to the fascinating debate at the intersection of art and law. The focus of the journal involves all the aspects (philosophical, juridical, sociological, technological and cultural) characterizing the relationship between art and law. Each issue will be intended as a monographic volume devoted to a specific topic.

As from 2018 the journal is published in 4 issues a year.
As of 2021, Brill Research Perspectives in Religion and the Arts is no longer published as a journal by Brill, but will continue as a book series.

Brill Research Perspectives in Religion and the Arts presents extended reference articles on topics within the comprehensive field of world religions and the arts, from the traditional fine arts to newer fields of visual culture and material culture. References will be hyperlinked to original source materials when possible, offering both scholars and students the opportunity to stay current with the literature or to begin their research. Written as a single-author monograph with accompanying critical bibliography, each 50 to 100 page article provides an overview of the specific topic, its history within the larger discipline of religion and the arts, recent innovations in scholarship, critical commentary, and the unique analysis of the author's perspectives.
Digital Archive of Brief Notes & Iran Review
Editors-in-Chief: and
DABIR: Digital Archive of Brief notes & Iran Review is a peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary journal that appears in print and online. Publishing two issues per year and focusing on the greater Iranian and Persianate world, DABIR promotes original, thoughtful and cutting-edge research on philology, religion, history, art history, archaeology, linguistics, literature, manuscript studies and numismatics, from Jaxartes to the Mediterranean and from the Sumerian period through to the Safavid era (3500 BCE-1500 CE). Work dealing with later periods can be considered on request. The journal accepts articles in English, French, German and Persian. DABIR publishes both short and extensive innovative research papers, essays, book reviews and book notes, which analyse and underscore various subjects, as well as recent publications in the field. DABIR has an international diverse and multidisciplinary Editorial, Advisory and Scientific Board consisting of well-known scholars.
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Journal of German Literature and Culture of the Early Modern Period (1400-1750) / Zeitschrift für deutsche Literatur und Kultur der Frühen Neuzeit
From its foundation in 1972, Daphnis was conceived as a platform for the publication of research into German literature and culture of the early modern period (14th-18th century). Since then it has developed to take on board interdisciplinary and intercultural perspectives. It is considered today an outstanding international scholarly forum for research into the early modern period. From a comparative point of view it examines the relationship between German literatures and cultural history and the culture of other European (and non-European) countries in the period, as well as such phenomena as cultural transfer. It addresses problems pertaining to the early new high German language and to Neo-Latin literature, as well as to new research fields such as intermediality, performance theories or gender studies. Within its four issues a year Daphnis offers the possibility of thematic volumes. With its double blind peer-review procedures, Daphnis is a platform which welcomes previously unpublished contributions (in German or English) under the headings: Research Articles, Miscellaneous Contributions, Bibliography and Book Reviews.

Die Zeitschrift Daphnis ist seit 1972 als Organ zur Erforschung der deutschen Literatur(en) und Kultur(en) der Frühen Neuzeit (14.-18.Jh) konzipiert worden. Seit ihrer Gründung hat sie sich im Sinne einer breiteren Interdisziplinarität und interkulturellen Perspektive entwickelt und ausdifferenziert. Heute gilt sie als ein international anerkanntes wissenschaftliches Forum für Frühneuzeitforschung. Sie berücksichtigt unter komparatistischem Aspekt die Beziehungen der deutschen Literatur und Kultur zu den europäischen (auch außereuropäischen) Kulturen dieses Zeitraums und Phänomene des Kulturtransfers. Hinzu kommen aktuelle Fragestellungen der frühneuhochdeutschen Sprache, der neulateinischen Literatur wie auch neuere Forschungsfelder der Intermedialität, Performanz, Gender Studies u.a. Im Rahmen der jährlich vorgesehenen vier Hefte sind inhaltlich geschlossene Themenhefte möglich und werden von Gastherausgebern verantwortet. Im Daphnis werden noch unveröffentlichte Beiträge (in deutscher und englischer Sprache) zu den Rubriken „Abhandlungen“, „Miszellen“, „Berichte“, „Bibliographien“ im Peer-Review-Verfahren aufgenommen. Darüber hinaus erscheinen Rezensionen zu aktuellen Publikationen der Epoche.
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Explorations in Renaissance Culture, a multidisciplinary scholarly journal publishing two issues annually, explores all disciplines of study in the early-modern/Renaissance period: literature, history, art and iconography, music, cultural studies, etc. Articles are published in English and are fully refereed, using a double-blind review process. ERC is published in cooperation with the South-Central Renaissance Conference.
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Greek and Roman Musical Studies is the first and, at present, the only specialist periodical in the fields of ancient Greek and Roman music. It publishes papers offering cultural, historical, theoretical, archaeological, iconographical and other perspectives on music in Classical antiquity, and on its reception in later times (especially the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, but also more recent periods). The Editorial Board will also consider contributions on music elsewhere in the Mediterranean region, including Egypt, Syria, Palestine and Mesopotamia. Cross-disciplinary approaches will be particularly appreciated.
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Founding Editor:
The International Journal of Wood Culture (IJWC) publishes papers on all aspects of wood and other plant materials such as bamboo, rattan, and bark and their role in art, culture and society in past, present and future. IJWC publishes articles on the role of wood and other plant materials throughout civilization from the ancient period to present, in building and architecture, in music, arts and crafts, in religion and custom, in transportation and sport, or in providing sustainable alternatives to construction and manufacturing materials. Review articles and original research articles, multidisciplinary and discipline specific submissions are considered.
Open Access
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