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The 2023 Brill Online Journal Collection International Law & Human Rights gives access to the online content available back to the year 2000 of Brill´s 2023 International Law & Human Rights journal program.

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The African Journal of Legal Studies (AJLS) is a peer-reviewed and interdisciplinary academic journal focusing on human rights and rule of law issues in Africa as analyzed by lawyers, economists, political scientists and others drawn from throughout the continent and the world. The journal, which was established by the Africa Law Institute and is now co-published in collaboration with Brill | Nijhoff, aims to serve as the leading forum for the thoughtful and scholarly engagement of a broad range of complex issues at the intersection of law, public policy and social change in Africa.

AJLS places emphasis on presenting a diversity of perspectives on fundamental, long-term, systemic problems of human rights and governance, as well as emerging issues, and possible solutions to them. Towards this end, AJLS encourages critical reflections that are based on empirical observations and experience as well as theoretical and multi-disciplinary approaches.

It is hoped that articles appearing in the journal will influence public policy in Africa by providing original, useful and timely critiques of legislation, judicial decisions, law reform and other domestic and foreign policy measures that impact on the daily lives of ordinary Africans. In addition to articles, the journal welcomes reports on recent human rights and governance-related conferences, workshops and seminars as well as books for review and lists of recent publications.
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The Asia-Pacific Journal on Human Rights and the Law is the world’s only law journal offering scholars a forum in which to present comparative, international and national research dealing specifically with issues of law and human rights in the Asia-Pacific region.
Neither a lobby group nor tied to any particular ideology, the Asia-Pacific Journal on Human Rights and the Law is a scientific journal dedicated to responding to the need for a periodical publication dealing with the legal challenges of human rights issues in one of the world’s most diverse and dynamic regions.

The journal will be a prime source of information and reference not only to legal scholars and students but also to all those who are in any way involved in human rights issues across the whole of the Asia-Pacific region. Politicians, civil servants, social activists, academics, lawyers, historians, sociologists, political scientists, students, diplomats, social researchers, journalists and others will find the Asia-Pacific Journal on Human Rights and the Law an invaluable source of relevant and timely information.
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Follow the European Convention on Human Rights Law Review also on Twitter

The first scholarly journal devoted exclusively to the legal regime of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). The Review offers peer-reviewed, legal scholarship on the protection of fundamental human rights within the ECHR framework and on its implications for other regional human rights regimes. It is a forum for inter alia comparative law, human rights law, international law and philosophy of law analysis of the practice and procedures of the ECHR regime.

While favouring legal (doctrinal, theoretical and philosophical) analysis, the Review also publishes multi-disciplinary works at the crossroads of law, history, political science and economics. It is open to all methods and schools of thought, including, comparative, doctrinal, quantitative and economic analysis of (case) law. It offers scholarship and information of interest to scholars and practitioners, both in the member states and other regions, as well as to all those working in the field of human rights law.
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Crime, criminal law and criminal justice are no longer purely national issues in today’s Europe. Criminal conduct is becoming increasingly denationalised because offenders can easily cross borders or commit crimes in cyberspace. It is also increasingly common for individuals either to face criminal proceedings or to become victims of crime in countries other than their own. Nevertheless, efforts to combat crime, and to safeguard the rights of victims, are still organised on a, by and large, national basis.
These factors are driving the need for a better understanding of crime in Europe, as well as many important debates to which it gives rise. They include: how best to respond to crimes that affect more than one state; how to strike an appropriate balance between respect for national criminal justice traditions and the tendency to harmonise legislation and practice; and how to ensure that it is possible for suspects, offenders and victims to rely upon an adequate level of protection of their fundamental rights wherever they come into contact with a criminal justice system in Europe. Criminal policy is therefore increasingly prominent on the political agenda of the key European players, above all the European Union and the Council of Europe. Not only are their growing roles reshaping the governance of criminal law and justice, but these bodies are themselves becoming a target of offending behaviour.
The European Journal of Crime, Criminal Law and Criminal Justice provides a forum for public debate on these European issues. Our aim, in other words, is to offer a multi-dimensional international and comparative perspective on crime, criminal law and criminal justice in Europe. We welcome papers from any relevant disciplinary outlook or approach, including those that are contextually, doctrinally, empirically or theoretically based.

Publication Prize for the European Journal of Crime, Criminal Law and Criminal Justice
Brill | Nijhoff is delighted to announce the introduction of a bi-annual prize for the most outstanding article published in the European Journal of Crime, Criminal Law and Criminal Justice. To encourage and reward publication in the Journal, the author of the chosen article will receive 10 free copies of the issue in which their article was published as well as a €400 voucher for Brill|Nijhoff books.

The winner of the bi-annual prize will be chosen by the Editorial Board of the Journal. All authors who have had an article published in the Journal over the previous two years will be considered.
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The European Journal of Health Law focuses on the development of health law in Europe: national, comparative and international. The exchange of views between health lawyers in Europe is encouraged. The Journal publishes information on the activities of European and other international organizations in the field of health law. Discussions about ethical questions with legal implications are welcome. National legislation, court decisions and other relevant national material with international implications are also dealt with.

Each issue of the European Journal of Health Law contains articles (with abstracts), selected legislation, judicial decisions, a chronicle of events, and book reviews.
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The European Journal of Migration and Law is a quarterly journal on migration law and policy with specific emphasis on the European Union, the Council of Europe and migration activities within the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe. This journal differs from other migration journals by focusing on both the law and policy within the field of migration, as opposed to examining immigration and migration policies from a wholly sociological perspective. The Journal is the initiative of the Centre for Migration Law of the University of Nijmegen, in co-operation with the Brussels-based Migration Policy Group.

The European Journal of Migration and Law provides an invaluable source of information and a platform for discussion for government and public officials, academics, lawyers and NGOs interested in migration issues in the European context. Devoted exclusively to migration law and policy, the original research and analysis the Journal presents will emphasize the development of migration policies across Europe. Each issue will have a cross-disciplinary approach to migration and social issues such as access of migrants to social security and assistance benefits, including socio-legal and meta-juridical perspectives.

Papers for consideration should be addressed to Sandra Mantu (, or Paul Minderhoud (

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European Centre for Minority Issues
The European Academy Bozen/Bolzano
Abo Akademi University
Babes-Blolyai University
Hungarian Academy of Science
University of Glasgow

The European Yearbook of Minority Issues provides a critical and timely review of contemporary developments in minority-majority relations in Europe. It combines analysis, commentary and documentation in relation to conflict management, international legal developments and domestic legislation affecting minorities in Europe.
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Global Responsibility to Protect (GR2P) seeks to publish the best and latest research on atrocity prevention and human protection, human rights, global governance, diplomacy, the ethics and law of armed conflict, and humanitarianism. GR2P serves as a repository for lessons learned and analysis of best practices on the prevention of armed conflict, genocide and mass atrocities, and human protection. As the premier journal for the study and practice of the responsibility to protect (R2P), the journal promotes a universal understanding of the principle and efforts to realise it while encouraging critical debate and diversity of opinion. This includes research on the development of cognate norms in global politics, their operationalisation/implementation through the work of governments, international and regional organisations and NGOs.

We accept articles that demonstrate theoretical innovation, are built on strong methodological approaches and compelling empirical evidence. Toward this end, GR2P invites contributions from all over the world to help foster a global conversation around international responsibility and human protection.
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Quarterly on Security and Cooperation in Europe
Need support prior to submitting your manuscript? Make the process of preparing and submitting a manuscript easier with Brill's suite of author services, an online platform that connects academics seeking support for their work with specialized experts who can help. Please note: As of 2008 Helsinki Monitor is published as Security and Human Rights. Four times a year, Helsinki Monitor reports on developments in and related to the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). It covers new and ongoing measures taken in the context of the Helsinki process, including preventive diplomacy, arms control, human rights, confidence-building, security, democracy building, election monitoring, economic security, and environmental matters. With its thorough analysis and background information, Helsinki Monitor has become a primary source of reference on the OSCE process. The journal, founded in 1990, is a legacy of the Helsinki process that was designed during the Cold War, to bridge Eastern and Western Europe on the basis of common principles and co-operative security. It brings to light current developments affecting human rights, peace and security across North America, and wider Europe including Central Asia. Major themes include: • Conflict prevention; • Human rights; • Minorities; • Democracy building; and • Cooperative security. The journal not only reflects on developments, it draws attention to problems, and contributes to the policy-making discourse. With its thorough analysis and thought-provoking articles, Security and Human Rights is a must-read for all those interested and involved in the OSCE and the process of guaranteeing security and protecting human rights. Readers will find a regular column, both short and long articles, a chronicle of OSCE events, as well as occasional book reviews and interviews. Helsinki Monitor is published by Koninklijke Brill N.V. in cooperation with the Netherlands Helsinki Committee (NHC) and the International Helsinki Federation (IHF), which continue to be responsible for its contents. For back volumes older than 2 years, please contact William S. Hein & Co., Inc., 1285 Main Street, Buffalo, NY 14209 / or Periodicals Service Company, 11 Main Street, Germantown, NY 12526, USA /