Editor-in-Chief Guiren Yuan and Han Zhen

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Issue Vol. 7 No. 1 is now available free online! Follow the link to the online edition below to view the articles.
Frontiers of Philosophy in China aims to disseminate new scholarly achievements in the field of broadly defined philosophy, and promote philosophical researches of the highest level by publishing peer-reviewed academic articles that facilitate intensive or extensive communication and cooperation between philosophers in China and abroad. It covers nearly all main branches of philosophy, with priorities given to original works on Chinese philosophy or in comparative studies of Chinese philosophy and other kinds of philosophy in the world.
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Edited by Asad Q. Ahmed, Abhishek Kaicker and Lawrence J. McCrea

Journal of South Asian Intellectual History (SAIH) is dedicated to the study of the history of ideas in pre-modern and early modern South Asia. The main concern of the publication is to advance philological and historical research into the rich intellectual history of South Asia in fields such as (but not limited to) philosophy, logic, astronomy, medicine, mathematics, literature, philosophical theology, and mystical traditions. Sources of such investigations may be produced in any of the languages of South Asia, including, for example, Sanskrit, Urdu, Persian, Gujarātī, Malayalam, Kannada, and Arabic. Given the nature of intellectual interactions in pre-modern and early modern South Asia, the Journal also welcomes articles, written in English, working across various disciplinary boundaries and languages.

Main editorial contact address (email): jsaih.brill@gmail.com