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Edited by Tej K. SEE 42771 Bhatia and William Ritchie

Brill Research Perspectives in Multilingualism and Second Language Acquisition provides in-depth and authoritative surveys of key topics within these disciplines. The articles are written by leading scholars in the field who have been invited to contribute and not only give an overview of the field but also their own unique perspective on it. References are hyperlinked to the original sources where possible, giving scholars the opportunity to stay on stop of the literature or reading up on a subject quickly.

Brill Research Perspectives in Multilingualism and Second Language Acquisition publishes survey articles and position papers in the following subjects:

• Age (Maturation) and Aging (Attrition)
• Aphasia & Multilingualism
• Basic Research & Language Pedagogy
• Bilingualism/Multilingualism
• Child & Adult Second Language Acquisition
• Cognition & Consequences
• Forensics • Individual Differences
• Language Contact • Language Impairment
• Language Mixing & Hybrid Systems
• Language Processing (e.g. sentence & concept)
• Language Variation
• Learner types (e.g. Heritage; Non-Native)
• Literacy
• Mental Health
• Memory
• Motivation & Attitude
• Neurology & Neuropsychology
• Phonology , Morphology, Syntax; Pragmatics and SLA
• Research Methodology
• Sign Language
• Social Identity
• Social Media and Social Networks
• Theoretical Frameworks (e.g. Generative; Cognitive Linguistic; Emergentist; Information Processing; Sociolinguistic)
• Third Language Acquisition
• Thinking and Multilingual Competence

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