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In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries the publications of such academies held the same place as specialized scholarly and scientific journals do today. Many of the ideas and inventions of the great scholars of those days were first published in the Transactions or Memoirs of an Academy of Science. Such publications are not only a fundamental source for the history of science but also a goldmine for researchers in many other fields.
Acta Sanctorum
Major publication of the Bollandists

The major publication of the Bollandists, a group of scholars named after Jean Bolland and composed before the French Revolution, of Flemish Jesuits in Antwerp, and since 1837, of Belgian Jesuits residing in Brussels. It is a critical description of the lives of all the saints mentioned in the Martyrologium Romanorum. This edition is a compiliation of the monthly volumes and was filmed from a variety of editions dating between 1863 and 1940.
Serials and special collections

Agricultural serials: 69 titles

Special Collections:
Dominican Republic: Adaptive Agricultural Research Project, 1981-1985
The Philippines: The role of social anthropology/sociology in agricultural research, 1982-1986
• Sri Lanka: popular participation in planned development at village level, 1981-1985
Bibliography of Agricultural Bibliographies, 1960-1977
Agricultural Serials

• 69 Titles
• 22269 Fiches

This collection is also included in the Agriculture collection.
Bibliography of Agricultural Bibliographies, 1960-1977

• 1 Title
• 222 Fiches

This collection is also included in the Agriculture collection.
Dominican Republic

• 37 Fiches

This collection is also included in the Agriculture collection.
The Phillippines

• 16 Fiches

This collection is also included in the Agriculture collection.
Alinari Photo Archive
From the Archivi Alinari, Florence

In some instances enough photographs have been assembled to make up a complete collection, for example the Demidoff Collection which was broken up at the end of the last century, the Chigi-Saracini Collection, which also no longer exists, and other minor collections. One of the last sections of the collection comprises landscapes and Italian cities photographed in the second half of the nineteenth century.
The Allegro Qumran Photograph Collection

Consists of 1,472 photographs associated with Khirbet Qumran and the texts discovered there, as well as other places such as Ain Feshkha, Khirbet Mird, and Wadi Murrabba'at.
Amnesty International
Amnesty's Country Dossiers (1975- ) and Publications (1962- )

In 1998, Pierre Sané, Secretary General of Amnesty International, described the character and significance of the microfiche edition as follows:
"1998 marks the 50th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights – the bedrock of contemporary human rights – and is a significant year for Amnesty International and human rights organizations throughout the world. The anniversary is a time both to look at what we have achieved, and what challenges lie ahead for the human rights community.
In this half century, Amnesty International has helped to enshrine human rights in international law, raised public and political awareness of those basic rights and the abuses which still take place, and worked with the ever growing number of grassroots human rights groups throughout the world. In marking the anniversary of the Declaration, Amnesty International is focusing on highlighting the risks faced by human rights defenders -- the people on the front line of human rights protection -- and demonstrating the popular support for the Declaration through our worldwide signature campaign. We are looking towards further strengthening the human rights movement in the next 50 years, and to make sure that ignorance of abuses can never again be used as an excuse for inaction.
For this reason, finding out about human rights violations and making those facts public is crucial, and the role of IDC is extremely valuable in making this information available in microfiche editions with comprehensive, annually updated inventories on CD-ROM."

The microfiche edition is annually updated, and made accessible on item level by an online EAD finding aid and a printed guide listing all individual documents in this unique collection. The printed guide is also updated on a yearly basis. The printed guide is cumulated every five years.

Country Dossiers
The information in Amnesty International Reports and Country Dossiers is compiled, analysed and edited by volunteers and members of the staff of Amnesty International. The information comes from diverse sources and is collected on the basis of disciplined research. Background information is sifted from published studies, contemporary archives, press reports, and transcriptions of radio broadcasts. Legislation pertaining to the administration of justice in each country is quoted from official publications. Exhaustive interviews with former prisoners are conducted by Amnesty International researchers. Details on individual cases are verified by consulting experts and other international organizations. Where possible, Amnesty International sends missions to countries to meet government representatives, visit prisons, and conduct on the spot investigations.

Once the information has been collected, the details are cross-checked by Amnesty International's Research Department and Legal Office to corroborate individual testimony and ensure the integrity of the final published reports for which Amnesty International takes full responsibility.