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Qurʾānic Sciences, Ḥadīth, Historiography, Fiqh, Dogmatics, Mysticism Until c. 430 AH
Professor Dr Fuat Sezgin meticulously documented the scientific writings and advances achieved by Muslim scholars. His renowned Geschichte des arabischen Schrifttums (GAS), the largest bio-bibliography for the Arabic literary tradition in general, and the history of science and technology in the Islamic world in particular, is still of utmost importance for the field. The Arabic Writing Tradition offers English translations of volumes 1-9, and includes information about renowned figures (writers, poets, philosophers, physicians, scientists, linguists etc.) from the Islamic world in the following subjects: • Qurʾānic studies, law, mysticism (vol. 1)
• poetry in Arabic until the eleventh century CE (vol. 2)
• the history of Islamic medicine (vol. 3)
• chemistry (vol. 4)
• mathematics (vol. 5)
• astronomy (vol. 6)
• astrology (vol. 7)
• lexicography (vol. 8)
• grammar (vol. 9)
The study of Islamicate intellectual history has witnessed a rapid growth of scholarship on post-classical thinkers and especially on Fakhr al-Dīn al-Rāzī (d. 1210 CE), one of the leading theologians and philosophers of his time. However, there is presently a lack of methodological tools and reference works in Rāzī studies. This book is the first bibliographical work entirely devoted to this thinker. It surveys the modern historiography on Rāzī from the nineteenth century onward and includes more than 1000 specialized entries written in European languages, Arabic, Persian, and Turkish. The bibliography also provides a preface, an introductory essay, annotations to the entries, and various indices to help students and experts navigate the complex field of Rāzī studies.