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Author: Duane F. Watson
A new, comprehensive bibliography of books and articles on the rhetoric of the New Testament published since AD 1500. The bibliography is arranged by categories, which include Jewish heritage, invention, arrangement, style, hermeneutics, with specific listings for each book of the NT. It is prefaced with a select bibliography of primary and secondary sources on classical and modern rhetoric. An invaluable research tool.
Authors: Weima and Stanley E. Porter
This bibliography lists some 1300 works germane for the interpretation of 1 and 2 Thessalonians. It includes all relevant works written in the 20th century as well as a sizeable number of important sources from the 19th century.
Virtually all the works listed are annotated, except for commentaries and dictionary articles. These annotations do not merely describe the content of each source but attempt to summarize its central thesis or argument.
The works listed are classified and cross-indexed in such a way that the user is able to track down easily the relevant sources on any given topic or passage in the Thessalonian letters.
Author: Casurella
The Bibliography of Literature on First Peter gives comprehensive publication details of a categorized list of articles and books concerned with the exposition of the New Testament letter known as 1 Peter. The bibliography, which primarily presents works of modern scholarship but also includes important works which have appeared throughout the lengthy period of Christian interpretation, has been conceived with the needs of a variety of users in mind. It provides an extremely valuable reference tool for all those interested in a deeper understanding of this important document of early Christianity, and will meet the needs of researchers of all kinds, from lay students to the professional scholar. Not every work represented in this bibliography will be of equal use to all; but judicious selection on the basis of the helpful classification provided will save the researcher much time.
Author: Mills
This volume includes more than 15,000 citations to periodical literature published during the twentieth century. Citations are included for each of the books and of the New Testament and these are aranged in canonical order. The specific references are set forth within each canonical book by textual unit. The arrangement of these textual units is the longer before the shorter. There are approximately 175 periodicals included. While the major emphasis is upon English language journals, there are several different language groups represented. The journals included are representative of various theological perspectives. The work includes a comprehensive author index.

Index to Periodical Literature for the Study of the New Testament has been selected by Choice as Outstanding Academic Title (2005).
Author: Mills
This publication updates Bruce Metzger's monumental Index to the present. In addition to all the periodicals indexed by Metzger (where these are still active), this volume updates the list with a number of newer periodicals which had not yet begun publication when Metzger compiled his work. Metzger's original citations (10.000+) are complemented by an additional 4.800+ new references, using the same basic arrangement employed by Metzger.
Author: Mills
The volume updates an important earlier work by Bruce M. Metzger, Index to Periodical Literature on the Apostle Paul first published in 1960, which undertook to list periodical materials available before 1960. This volume was the first book in the New Testament Tools and Studies series published by Brill.
As with Metzger's volume, this new work lists periodicals in a wide spectrum of languages, including English and Russian. This volume adds considerably to the 3,013 entries of Metzger's original work.
To facilitate use, the original classification and numbering scheme developed by Metzger is retained in the new references (as well as in a few from a second edition by Metzger, 1970). They are inserted in their proper classification (by subject and date) and are indicated by the original number with an alpha extension. In a few instances, new classifications are offered, e.g. 'structuralism'.