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The two-volume Brill's Encyclopedia of the Middle Ages offers an accessible yet engaging coverage of medieval European history and culture, c. 500-c. 1500, in a series of themed articles, taking an interdisciplinary and comparative approach. Presenting a broad range of topics current in research, the encyclopedia is dedicated to all aspects of medieval life, organized in eight sections: Society; Faith and Knowledge; Literature; Fine Arts and Music; Economy; Technology; Living Environments and Conditions; and Constitutive Historical Events and Regions. This thematic structure makes the encyclopedia a true reference work for Medieval Studies as a whole. It is accessible and concise enough for quick reference, while also providing a solid grounding in a new topic with a good level of detail, since many of its articles are longer than traditional encyclopedia entries. The encyclopedia is supported by an extensive bibliography, updated with the most recent works and adapted to suit the needs of an Anglophone audience.

Brill's Encyclopedia of the Middle Ages is a unique work, and invaluable equally for research and for teaching. Anyone interested in the art, architecture, economy, history, language, law, literature, music, religion, or science of the Middle Ages, will find the encyclopedia an indispensable resource.

This is an English translation of the second edition (2013) of the well-known German-language Enzyklopädie des Mittelalters, published by Primus Verlag / Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft.

Also available online, individually as Brill's Encyclopedia of the Middle Ages Online and as part of Brill's Medieval Reference Library Online.
Brill's Medieval Reference Library Online offers online access to the following reference works in medieval studies:

- Encyclopedia of Medieval Pilgrimage (2009)
- Encyclopedia of the Medieval Chronicle (2010, with updates in 2014, 2016, and 2021)
- Encyclopedia of Medieval Dress and Textiles of the British Isles c. 450-1450 (2012, with updates in 2016, 2018, and 2021)
- Brill's Encyclopedia of the Middle Ages (2016)

With over 4,200 signed entries, plus over 200 illustrations, this is an indispensible online resource for anyone interested in pre-modern European history and culture.

- Online edition of the original four print Brill encyclopedias, complete and unabridged
- One entirely new encyclopedia (2016)
- Two encyclopedias with revised, updated, and new articles
- Fully searchable: users can search across all four encyclopedias within the reference library, or limit their search to just one (via A-Z browsing or word search); advanced search options also available.

The encyclopedias are also available to purchase online and in print separately.
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The Encyclopedia of the Medieval Chronicle brings together the latest research in chronicle studies from a variety of disciplines and scholarly traditions. Chronicles are the history books written and read in educated circles throughout Europe and the Middle East in the Middle Ages. For the modern reader, they are important as sources for the history they tell, but equally they open windows on the preoccupations and self-perceptions of those who tell it. Interest in chronicles has grown steadily in recent decades, and the foundation of a Medieval Chronicle Society in 1999 is indicative of this. Indeed, in many ways the Encyclopedia has been inspired by the emergence of this Society as a focus of the interdisciplinary chronicle community.

The Encyclopedia fills an important gap especially for historians, art historians, and literary scholars. It is the first reference work on medieval chronicles to attempt this kind of coverage of works from Eruope, North Africa, and the Middle East over a period of twelve centuries. 2564 entries escribe individual anonymous chronicles or the historical oeuvre of particular chroniclers, covering the widest possible selection of works written in Latin, English, French, Spanish,German, Dutch, Norse, Irish, Hebrew, Arabic, Greek, Syriac, Church Slavonic and other languages. Leading articles give overviwes of genres and historiographical traditions, and thematic entries cover particular features of medieval chronicles and such general issues as authorship and patronage, as well as questions of art history. Textual transmission is emphasized, and a comprehensive manuscript index makes a useful contribution to the codicology of chronicles.

Also available online, individually asEncyclopedia of the Medieval Chronicle Online and as part of Brill's Medieval Reference Library Online.