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This paper discusses the way the repetition of formulas and expressions are treated by the various witnesses to the text of 1 Samuel 3:4–10, the narrative of Samuel’s calling. The paper focuses on the differences between MT, LXX and the Lucianic Text. Repetitions in the text often induce the trained text-critic to check for haplographies, dittographies, homoioteleutons, and homoioarctons among the witnesses, but it will be shown that textual decisions require attention not only to phenomena common to textual copying and transmission, such as textual accidents, but also to literary and narrative elements, especially in a book such as Samuel where different Hebrew forms circulated in the past. It is possible, in case of repetitions, to find in some witnesses a narrative interest in seeing an order or prediction be enacted or fulfilled precisely as foretold.

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In: Dead Sea Discoveries