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Edited by Richard A. Young

Music, Popular Culture, Identities is a collection of sixteen essays that will appeal to a wide range of readers with interests in popular culture and music, cultural studies, and ethnomusicology. Organized around the central theme of music as an expression of local, ethnic, social and other identities, the essays touch upon popular traditions and contemporary forms from several different regions of the world: political engagement in Italian popular music; flamenco in Spain; the challenge of traditional music in Bulgaria; boerenrock and rap in Holland; Israeli extreme heavy metal; jazz and pop in South Africa, and musical hybridity and politics in Côte d’Ivoire. The collection includes essays about Latin America: on the Mexican corrido, the Caribbean, popular dance music in Cuba, and bossanova from Brazil. Communities of a cultural diaspora in North America are discussed in essays on Somali immigrant and refugee youth and Iranians in exile in the US. Grounded in cultural theory and a specialized knowledge of a particular popular musical practice, each author has written a critical study on the mix of music and identity in a particular social practice and context.

Instrument Zitat

Über den literarhistorischen und institutionellen Nutzen von Zitaten und Zitieren

Edited by Klaus Beekman and Ralf Grüttemeier

Die Entwicklung des künstlerischen Feldes war im 20.Jahrhundert radikalen Veränderungen unterworfen und hat sowohl für Künstler wie für Kritiker ein breites Spektrum an Strategien und Kunstgriffen zur Profilierung verfügbar gemacht. Eine zentrale Rolle dabei spielt das Zitat, wie der vorliegende Band belegt. Instrument Zitat soll das Spezifische im Umgang mit Zitaten und Zitieren bei Kritikern und avantgardistischen, modernistischen und postmodernistischen Künstlern zeigen, als Vorarbeit zu einer Geschichte des Zitats und des Zitierens.

Moments of Moment

Aspects of the Literary Epiphany

Edited by Wim Tigges

... a sudden spiritual manifestation, whether in the vulgarity of speech or of gesture or in a memorable phase in the mind itself. Thus Stephen Dedalus in James Joyce's Stephen Hero: defines the phenomenon that has ever since been known as the literary epiphany. The essays gathered in this volume comprise a wide survey of this phenomenon. With recurrent reference to its most famous creators, notably William Wordsworth, who was the first to consciously explore and delineate those momentous spots in time in his Prelude, Walter Pater, James Joyce and Virginia Woolf, this book intends to provide a broad and unbiased exploration into the various types and categories of the moment of moment that can be distinguished, ranging from William Blake, Ann Radcliffe and Charles Maturin through the nineteenth-century sonnet tradition and the naturalistic novel to modernist and postmodernist exponents such as Ezra Pound and Elizabeth Bowen, Philip larkin and Seamus Heaney, and include contributions by acclaimed experts in the field such as Martin Bidney, Robert Langbaum, Jay Losey, and Ashton Nichols.

Unforeseeable Americas

Questioning Cultural Hybridity in the Americas


Edited by Rita de Grandis and Zilà Bernd

Edited by Jan Baptist Bedaux and Brett Cooke

Eugen Fink

Actes du colloque de Cerisy-la-Salle 23-30 juillet 1994

Edited by Nathalie Depraz and Marc Richir

Edited by Bridget Aldaraca, Edward Baker and John Beverley